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Madagascar Madagascar [ 2005 ] [ Hits:29148 ]
Production: DreamWorks SKG
Plot: A group of pampered star attractions from the New York Central Zoo dream of a life outside their confines in the Wild. When Marty the zebra (Chris Rock) escapes to the city streets, his friends reluctantly track him down, but are cornered at Central Station and tranqualised....

Kicking and Screaming Kicking and Screaming [ 2005 ] [ Hits:22605 ]
Production: Universal Pictures
Plot: When his 10yr old son is nothing more than a bench-warmer for the local soccer team, Phil Weston (Will Ferrell) decides to take action and transfer him to a new team - The Tigers, who are bottom of the division. When their coach resigns with some type of nervous breakdown ju...

Duplex Duplex [ 2003 ]
Original title: Our House [ Hits:19702 ]
Production: Miramax Films
Plot: Alex and Nancy have finally found the house of their dreams - the only problem is that there is an elderly tenant in the upstairs apartment, but looks like she might be "on the way out" soon!  When she makes a remarkable recovery, and turns out to be the perfect neighbor fro...

Stranger Than Fiction Stranger Than Fiction [ 2006 ] [ Hits:17668 ]
Production: Columbia Pictures
Plot: Harold Crick (Will Ferrell) is an IRS agent whose carefully-controlled life is turned upside down when one day he starts to hear a narrative of his life - inside his head - by an author who informs him that, little does he know, he will die soon.  Harold must find the a...

Dodgeball Dodgeball [ 2004 ] [ Hits:18573 ]
Production: 20th Century Fox
Plot: Peter La Fleur (Vaughn) is the owner of the Average Joes gym - a place for self-titled (friendly) losers, and losing money hand over fist - in fact if he doesn't meet his mortgage re-payment of $50,000 soon it will be bought out by his rival - White Goodman (Stiller) of Glob...

Blades of Glory Blades of Glory [ 2007 ] [ Hits:16968 ]
Production: DreamWorks SKG
Plot: When arch rivals Chaz Michael Michaels (Will Ferrell) and Jimmy MacElroy (Jon Heder) are banned from singles figure skating for life after a fight at an awards ceremony, they must overcome their differences (and hate for each other) to become the world's first same-sex figure ska...

Antz Antz [ 1998 ] [ Hits:17997 ]
Production: DreamWorks SKG
Plot: When worker ant Z (Woody Allen) bumps into the Princess at an ant bar after work, he falls in love and switches positions with his soldier buddy Weaver (Stallone) so he has an opportunity to meet her again. It's a great plan, except General Mandible (Hackman) has called for a sui...

Up In The Air Up In The Air [ 2009 ] [ Hits:18761 ]
Production: Paramount Pictures
Plot: Ryan Bingham (Clooney) lives out of a travel-size suitcase and enjoys his job - helping weak managers to sack their own staff, while moonlighting at self-help seminars with his unique 'no ties' view on life. His aim in life is to reach the Frequent Flyer 10million airmiles mark, ...

Monsters vs Aliens Monsters vs Aliens [ 2009 ] [ Hits:16614 ]
Production: DreamWorks Animation
Plot: Susan Murphy (Reese Witherspoon) is about to be married to Derek the tv weatherman when she is struck by a meteorite and starts to transform into a giant 50ft woman. Taken to a secret government lair for testing, she meets up with her fellow monsters - BOB a gelatinous mass, Dr. ...

Shrek Forever After Shrek Forever After [ 2010 ] [ Hits:15070 ]
Production: Dreamworks
Plot: Although on the surface Shrek is living the 'dream life' back on the swamp as a celebrity, with his wife, kids and friends who visit every day; he soon suffers from a mid-life crisis where he longs for a bit of peace and quiet and is bored by the repetition each new day...

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