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Step Brothers Step Brothers [ 2008 ] [ Hits:21269 ]
Production: Columbia Pictures
Plot: Brennan Huff (Will Ferrell) and Dale Doback (John C. Reilly) are two jobless 40-year olds still living at home whose cosy lives are set to come crashing down when their parents decide to marry - Will they move out and get a place of their own? Or share a room and fight to th...

Finding Nemo Finding Nemo [ 2003 ] [ Hits:28188 ]
Production: Walt Disney/Pixar
Plot: An over-protective clown-fish loses his son to a diver who snatches rare tropical fish to keep in an aquarium at his dentist's surgery.  Marlin (Albert Brookes) together with a blue tang called Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), who suffers from acute short-term memory loss, ...

Toy Story 2 Toy Story 2 [ 1999 ] [ Hits:16282 ]
Production: Pixar
Plot: While Andy is away at a summer camp, greedy toy collector Al from 'Al's Toy Barn' discovers Woody (who has accidentally fallen into a box with other rejected toys) at the family yard sale, and quickly recognises him as the rarest item from the "Woody's Round Up Gang" discontinued...

Meet the Fockers Meet the Fockers [ 2004 ] [ Hits:14609 ]
Production: Universal Pictures
Plot: Now that Greg has Jack's permission to marry Pam, it's the event everyone has been dreading - when the Byrnes must travel to Miami to meet Greg's parents - The Fockers!...

Starsky and Hutch Starsky and Hutch [ 2004 ] [ Hits:17932 ]
Production: Dimension Films
Plot: Bay City. Sometime in the 1970s. Straight-talking cop David Starksy (Stiller) is partnered with slacker Ken Hutchinson (Wilson) to bust a case involving a new taste & odourless brand of cocaine that is set to enter the country. Using leads from snitch Huggy Bear (Sn...

Be Kind Rewind Be Kind Rewind [ 2008 ] [ Hits:13380 ]
Production: New Line Cinema
Plot: In a run-down VHS rental shop that is struggling for business, owner Elroy Fletcher (Danny Glover) leaves his foster-son Mike (Mos Def) temporarily in charge as he takes a vacation to spy on his rival's DVD-rental place downtown.  Mike's friend Jerry (Jack Black) has re...

The Game Plan The Game Plan [ 2007 ] [ Hits:14751 ]
Production: Walt Disney Pictures
Plot: Joe 'The King' Kingman (The Rock) is the star quarterback for NFL team the Boston Rebels. He is at the top of his game and has everything money can buy - fast cars, luxury pad, string of relationships, endorsements -- but not a coveted Championship ring ... or the love of a famil...

Marley & Me Marley & Me [ 2008 ] [ Hits:16113 ]
Production: Fox 2000
Plot: John and Jennifer Grogan are happily in love and decide to raise a puppy together - Marley, who soon grows into a boisterous, hefty dog who continually causes havoc in their lives. With babies soon on the way, and without time to research new topics, John decides to write about t...

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd [ 2003 ] [ Hits:14450 ]
Production: New Line Cinema
Plot: Starting the story when Harry Dunne first met Lloyd Christmas in High School, this prequel is an absolute waste of time - be warned! Principal Collins (Eugene Levy) hears about a scheme for schools that start a Special Needs class. Hoping to pocket the money with h...

The Secret of My Success The Secret of My Success [ 1987 ]
Original title: Secret of my Succe$s [ Hits:15051 ]
Production: Rastar Pictures
Plot: Brantley Foster (Michael J Fox) heads to the Big Apple to make something of his life - but soon learns that finding a job is not as easy as it seems, and success is just as elusive as it was in Kansas. Becoming desperate, he uses a loose family connection with an Uncle Howard he ...

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