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Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian Night at the Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian [ 2009 ]
Original title: Night at the Museum 2 [ Hits:14726 ]
Production: 20th Century Fox
Plot: Larry Daley has left his night guard position at the museum and is now CEO of his own, successful, company which sells his inventions on shopping channels - such as the 'glow in the dark flash light'. On a rare visit to see his old friends at the museum, he learns that most ...

Non-Stop Non-Stop [ 2014 ] [ Hits:17235 ]
Production: StudioCanal
Plot: Bill Marks is an Air Marshal, but suffers from a fear of flying so drinks to take the edge off his fears, and keep other demons at bay. On a routine flight, his secure cell beeps with a new text - a hijacker is on-board and wants $150million, or someone will die every 20 minutes....

Northmen - A Viking Saga Northmen - A Viking Saga [ 2014 ] [ Hits:16474 ]
Production: Two Oceans Production
Plot: A band of Vikings are on a voyage to sack Lindisfarne, to raise money to buy land and pay homage to new masters in Britain, when a storm capsizes their boat. The survivors are washed up on a beach in Scotland behind enemy lines, and must fight to reach the Danelaw and safety in t...

Notting Hill Notting Hill [ 1999 ] [ Hits:18449 ]
Production: Polygram Filmed Entertainment
Plot: William Thacker (Hugh Grant) is a travel-book shopowner in London's trendy Notting Hill whose life is transformed through a chance encounter with film star Anna Scott (Julia Roberts). Against all-odds, they start to get something going until William is heartbroken when her on-off...

Now You See Me Now You See Me [ 2013 ] [ Hits:16597 ]
Production: Summit Entertainment
Plot: A mysterious mastermind recruits four magicians to form a new supergroup - The Four Horsemen, who will perform a small number of shows to revolutionise magic and gain a cult following - starting by robbing a bank and sharing the money with the audience. But is there an ulterior m...

Oblivion Oblivion [ 2013 ] [ Hits:19185 ]
Production: Universal Pictures
Plot: Jack and Victoria are an 'effective' team, on a mission back to a ravaged and desolated earth to protect machines harvesting what little remains of its resources, for the human survivor colony on Titan. Yet when Jack has visions of himself in a different time and place, and the m...

Ocean's Thirteen Ocean's Thirteen [ 2007 ] [ Hits:19225 ]
Production: Warner Bros.
Plot: Willy Bank (Al Pacino) has double-crossed his business partner Reuben Tishkoff (Elliott Gould), leaving him close to the edge physically and mentally.  Danny Ocean (George Clooney) calls upon the old crew one last time to exact revenge on someone who once shook Sinatra's hand .....

Office Space Office Space [ 1999 ] [ Hits:15458 ]
Production: Twentieth Century Fox
Plot: Peter Gibbons (Livingston) is deeply unhappy at his job, his girlfriend's cheating on him, same as most other movies in this mould - until he sees a hypnotist who puts him in a state of contentment, before he snuffs it. Peter is now free to speak his mind at last and live ea...

Olympus Has Fallen Olympus Has Fallen [ 2013 ] [ Hits:17747 ]
Production: Millennium Films
Plot: When the South Korean Prime Minister visits the White House to discuss options to protect their freedom from the North, terrorists take the opportunity to strike - first by flying an armored fortress through Washington gunning-down innocent bystanders, then an army of North Korea...

Orphan Orphan [ 2009 ] [ Hits:32784 ]
Production: Warner Bros Pictures
Plot: The tragic loss of their unborn child has devastated Kate (Vera Farmiga) and John (Peter Sarsgaard), taking a toll on both their marriage and Kate's fragile psyche as she is plagued by nightmares and haunted by demons from her past. Struggling to regain some semblance of normalcy...

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