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Fast & Furious 5 Fast & Furious 5 [ 2011 ]
Original title: Fast 5 [ Hits:19852 ]
Production: Universal Pictures
Plot: Dominic Toretto has been broken out of prison by Brian O'Connor and Mia Toretto, and now all three are on the run from the FBI.  Ending up in Rio, to seek help from their old friend Vince, they are offered a deal in a big score.  The "simple" heist doesn't go to pl...

Fast & Furious 6 Fast & Furious 6 [ 2013 ] [ Hits:19939 ]
Production: Universal Pictures
Plot: Hobbs is back and he needs Dom's crew to take down a new kind of criminal gang that is tearing through city streets across the world causing destruction and mayhem in their quest for pieces of a mysterious new terrorist super-weapon.  In return, Hobbs can offer Dom's crew of...

Faster Faster [ 2010 ] [ Hits:18294 ]
Production: TriStar Pictures
Plot: "An ex-con sets out to avenge his brother's death after they were double-crossed during a heist years ago. During his campaign, however, he's tracked by a veteran cop and an egocentric hit man"...

Fear Island Fear Island [ 2009 ] [ Hits:64496 ]
Production: Pocketbook Productions
Plot: It's Spring Break so five friends get together on a secluded island to enjoy a weekend together, joined by a young stowaway Megan, and the island's caretaker, Keith. However the party turns into a nightmare the next morning when they find the caretaker's body with "evil" written ...

Fifty Dead Men Walking Fifty Dead Men Walking [ 2008 ] [ Hits:18399 ]
Production: HandMade Films
Plot: Martin McGartland (Jim Sturgess from 21) was an IRA double-agent during the height of the Northern Ireland troubles in the 1980s. Always on the wrong side of the tracks, he is suddenly in demand by both the IRA hierarchy (with a little help from his best friend Sean) and Scotland...

Finding Nemo Finding Nemo [ 2003 ] [ Hits:32355 ]
Production: Walt Disney/Pixar
Plot: An over-protective clown-fish loses his son to a diver who snatches rare tropical fish to keep in an aquarium at his dentist's surgery.  Marlin (Albert Brookes) together with a blue tang called Dory (Ellen DeGeneres), who suffers from acute short-term memory loss, ...

Flight Flight [ 2012 ] [ Hits:22008 ]
Production: Paramount Pictures
Plot: Whip Whitaker (Denzel washington) is a hero after expertly saving almost one hundred souls on board an airliner that suffered a series of malfunctions inflight causing it to crash land. However when the FAA start to investigate the reasons for the crash, they come to the startlin...

Fortress 2 Fortress 2 [ 2000 ] [ Hits:15111 ]
Production: Carousel Picture Company
Plot: The Men-Tel Corporation catch up with John Brennick and a few resistance fighters, and they are brought to the new and improved Fortress - this time an inescapable prison orbiting the Earth in space. With a sadistic warden and a computer calling the shots, Brennick sets out to es...

Fracture Fracture [ 2007 ] [ Hits:18791 ]
Production: New Line Cinema
Plot: Willy Beachum (Gosling) is an attorney who decides to take one last case before moving up the career ladder - an open and shut case where a wealthy structural engineer has shot his wife, and signed a confession.  However the accused, Ted Crawford (Hopkins), has a little tric...

Fred Claus Fred Claus [ 2007 ] [ Hits:21260 ]
Production: Warner Bros.
Plot: Fred has always lived in his brothyer's shadow - which is not too difficult when your brother, Nick, happens to be Santa Claus! Fred badly needs $50,000 and turns to his brother for help.  Nick agrees to give him the money - but only if he travels to the North Pole to h...

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