Disappointing. Oh so very disappointing.

The opening scene is potentially one of the greatest for a horror movie I have ever seen. The two main characters are in the car fighting and talking, while The Creeper's van ominously gains on them as seen through the rear window and there's nothing you can do to warn them. You can feel the tension swelling up. All good.

Later, they find the hooded menace dumping body shapes down a disused shaft and staring out towards them. Do they drive as fast as they can or go back to explore the site and maybe rescue somebody? Cool stuff.

So they go back to his lair and Justin Long falls down the shaft - and has no choice but to continue searching inside a dark cavernous room. Not too believable, but still all 10/10 5star horror stuff here.

The first chink is when the director decides to show us some patchwork bodies decorating the walls. Quite gruesome and once you've seen that everything else just seems tame in the movie.

Anyway still all is ok until the characters race to a 7eleven motorway cafe to get some help from the disinterested, hillbilly residents ... and Trish spies the 7ft tall Creeper in the parking lot sniffing her brother's undercrackers.
  We're dipping down to a 3star movie here.

Later, The Creeper finds them on the road - but they manage to beat the living daylights out of it. They run him over repeatedly, breaking the poor thing's leg into many pieces in one accident. You would assume this would spell the end of his evil ways, but his new plan is just to adopt a cartoon-character limp and ... oh yes ... sprout some wings.

Why do they do this?? Real-life bad guy that could potentially do all this evil drag-racing, underpants sniffing to you = weird but scary. Ugly green bug/alien with a hook nose and warts (with normal eyes poking through the terrible latex mask - come on make-up people!), with a sombrero and bat wings -- laughable.

Still, it's not like he has the beyond-belief ability to digest human body parts so they can regenerate parts of his own body, right? Right??

J.Taylor. 2005.