Amazing movie. Hitchcock-esque use of one main set to focus all the dramatic tension. Exact opposite of Independence Day - no big budget, inside-out movie. We don't care what the President of the United states thinks about the invasion! We only need to know how it affects us - those who aren't exceptional fighter pilots, mathematical geniuses with close ties to the White House or 'Tally Ho' ex-pats serving in the Saudi deserts waiting for "the Americans" to come up with a plan!
  AND the dogs die! Finally! Directors take the easy road to make all pets out to be adorable little creatures, and then panic when they realise that to bump them off would break the audience's hearts. M Night's secret? Just make the dogs mad from the start, no one will miss them!

The only problem with this movie? The aliens have developed interstellar travel ... but can't afford clothes or armor (not even a bathing suit) - and all they have as a weapon is a pigmy poison blow-pipe on their arm. Not an effective killing machine for the world's 6billion people!

JT. 2007.