Category Drama
Year: 2008
Time: 122 minutes
Production: Universal Pictures
Director: Ron Howard
Michael Sheen, Frank Langella, Kevin Bacon, Sam Rockwell
Our Rating 9/10 - Great movie for a dull subject
Watchability 2/10 - Definitely a one-timer
Contributed by Jordan Taylor
Tag-line 400 million people were waiting for the truth.

David Frost (Michael Sheen) is not just the old wrinkly we know from 'Through the Keyhole' but apparently was a bit of a playboy when he was younger. To enhance his career he went after the big dog of his day - disgraced ex-president Richard Nixon (Frank Langella), offering $600,000 for a few hours of interview. With a team of dedicated researchers, Frost hopes to get the words the nation has been waiting for - a sincere apology.

So, how does it end?

You'll probably know this already if you're over a certain age, and American.
  The interviews are broken down into 4 parts, and Nixon cruises through the first 3 - not allowing Frost to jump in and push him, and just rambling on to fill up the allotted time. Nixon's team are euphoric, Frost's team are inconsolable and blame David.
  At his hotel room, Frost receives a call from Nixon who has had a few drinks, where he goads him and tells him there can only be one winner. This inspires Frost and he quits the partying scene to work flat-out for the final interview, the big one, on Watergate.
  Before they start filming, Frost comments on the call but Nixon genuinely seems shocked, unaware he even made the call.

Frost pushes him at every opportunity, and Nixon hangs himself by claiming something is not illegal if it is done by the President.  His adviser and right-hand man Brennan (Kevin Bacon) rushes onto the set to break it up before he says anymore, the research crew are angry and see the chance for an apology might have passed.

Nixon returns to the set. In the next sequence he admits his involvement in the cover-up and apologises to the American people.

That's it. Frost's team celebrate with champagne while Nixon looks a shell of his former shelf - sure his political career is completely over.

The interviews are a huge success and Frost's gamble has paid off - the funders are filthy rich and he is a millionaire with a show that is still the most watched political programme in history.

Frost visits Nixon at his villa before he leaves for London. He gives his adversary a pair of Italian shoes. Nixon asks what they spoke about on the phone - Frost just tells him "cheeseburgers".
  In the closing titles it tells us that Nixon did not become involved in politics again and shied away from the limelight, before dying of a stroke in 1994. Frost's career took off and his summer parties are still a major calendar event.

It's a crime this movie didn't win any oscars - some of the best acting you're ever likely to see in a movie.
9.00/10 ( 1 Vote )
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