Kiss The Girls
Category Thriller
Year: 1997
Time: 111 minutes
Production: Paramount Pictures
Director: Gary Fleder
Morgan Freeman, Ashley Judd, Brian Cox, Cary Elwes
Our Rating 7/10
Watchability 7/10
Contributed by JT

A serial killer who calls himself 'Casanova', tracks his targets for months before kidnapping them. He leaves no trace except the bodies when they dare to escape, making a mockery of the FBI. He oversteps the mark when he kidnaps the niece of Dr Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman), who moves to North Carolina to take on the case personally.
  One of Casanova's prized assets, Kate (Ashley Judd) has successfully escaped from his secret lair. Will she remember enough to bring down the monster and free the other girls still in his care?

So, how does it end?

Kate is sure the killer's lair is back where they first looked, near a running stream, so she returns with Cross and his niece's boyfriend.
  Meanwhile in the underground mineshafts, the bad guy they've already busted has brought out the girls to listen to Cross's niece play the violin.
  The real Casanova killer arrives on a top floor, in the shadows, and is pretty angry. He takes a shot at his little helper.
  Cross hears the gunshot and runs to the source - finding a hidden door. He gets inside, but falls down a booby-trap shaft to water below.
  He chases the bad guys outside and there is a firefight in the dark.

Behind him are suddenly two obvious people running clumsily through the forest, so he takes one of them down - killing the busted guy. But Casanova gets away.
  They rescue the girls, and have a load of forensic evidence to go through.
  Ashley Judd is back home, under guard while the serial killer is still out there.  Detective Nick Ruskin shows up and helps her chop carrots.
  Morgan Freeman is back in the office, and finally realises that a signature from the serial killer letters is the same as the Detective's arrest warrants. Would have saved a lot of hassle if he did that months earlier. He tries to phone Kate's home, but the Detective has already pulled out the cord. 

Detective Nick starts getting creepy, and Kate realises he is the real serial killer.
  She stabs him with the carrot knife. They have a fight, he tries to rape her, but she manages to knock him out with a rack of pans and handcuffs him to the stove. He stabs her in the arm, looks like an artery wound, and she has to back away and bandage it quickly.
  The bad guy can't get loose but manages to break the gas pipe, releasing the fumes into the room.  Cross shows up. Nick tries to justify his actions, and then finds a lighter and is about to kill them all.
  With a milk carton from the table, Cross jams his gun into it to stop any muzzle flare, and shoots the Detective repeatedly in the chest.

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