Mission to Mars
Category Adventure , Sci-Fi
Year: 2000
Production: Jacobson Company
Director: Brian De Palma
Gary Sinise, Tim Robbins, Don Cheadle, Connie Nielsen, Jerry O'Connell
Our Rating 5/10
Watchability 5/10
Contributed by JT

It's 2020 and NASA has launched a mission to Mars, in the hope to colonise the planet. When the team scan the surface with radar, a huge storm is whipped up and wipes them out leaving only Luke Graham (Don Cheadle) behind to send a desperate SOS message.
  Responding to the transmission, a second mission is launched, led by Commander Woody Blake (Tim Robbins), to rescue any survivors - but a meteor storm is about to put the second mission in jeopardy. Do they need a third mission??

So, how does it end?

When the second team finally land on the surface, they find a slightly mad-looking Don Cheadle still alive. Apparently when the dust settled, a huge white face was left behind which he has been studying ever since.
  Gaining inspiration from some M&Ms, Jerry O'Connell cracks the secret code to transmit the final chromosomes of the DNA pattern towards the face ... which works like a charm and it opens up.
  The crew step inside and are treated to a proper imax 3D movie to tell them a bit of supposed history about life. There is then an offer by the Martian host for one of them to join him in a spaceship to travel the universe - Gary Sinise steps up as he is a bit depressed and doesn't have much to live for back home.
  The rest of the team head back to earth, and watch his speedy little Martian ship zoom off into the distance. Gary just lies there, all strapped in tight, with a smile on his face.

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