Johnny English
Category Crime/Spy , Comedy
Year: 2003
Time: 88 minutes
Production: Working Title Films
Director: Peter Howitt
Rowan Atkinson, John Malkovich, Natalie Imbruglia, Ben Miller

Reprising his role from the Barclaycard adverts, Rowan Atkinson shakes off his Mr.Bean image to play Johnny English, inept MI-7 spy for the British Government. When all the other Secret Service MI-5 spies are wiped out at a colleague's funeral, it is up to Johnny English and his sidekick Bough (Miller) to find the stolen Crown Jewels and stop a dastardly plan by "Pascal the Greedy Frenchman" (John Malkovich) to become the King of England.

So, how does it end?

After Lorna (Natalie Imbruglia) tells Johnny of her feelings, they both break into the castle - English up a sewer pipe and Lorna up a ladder.
  They watch Pascal give a rousing rendition of his plan to turn Great Britain into a prison island for the world's criminals from an AV room, but Johnny leans on the mic switch so everyone can hear his plan to save the day.
  They are captured, but soon rescued by Bough who climbed up the sewer tube moments before.

They get to the coronation ceremony. Johnny knocks out the bishop representing England and takes his place - and then to stall time he disrupts the service to expose the plot. Natalie takes out the sniper-henchman as Johnny struggles with the Archbishop imposter.

After making the Archbishop moon to the audience and cameras, it seems the Archbishop is in fact the real one.

Bough holds the TV studio team at gunpoint, and forces them to show a DVD they think is the prison powerpoint, but is in fact Johnny singing in his bathroom to "Does your mother know" by Abba.
  Just before Pascal is crowned, Johnny grabs the crown while swinging on a rope, then falls and Malkovich is kicked off the throne - just as the Archbishop fits the crown - onto Johnny's head.

As King he tells the heavies to arrest the French guys. Everyone applauds.

He has an audience with the Queen, and as a reward requests a knighthood.  Pascal is tried for treason, which still carries the death penalty!

Johnny is soon on his next mission in the south of France, where he is about to get it on with Natalie Imbruglia ... but catches the car ejector seat button while making his move, rocketing her off into the sky.

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