Red Eye
Category Thriller
Year: 2005
Time: 85 minutes
Production: DreamWorks SKG
Director: Wes Craven
Rachel McAdams, Cillian Murphy, Brian Cox
MPAA PG-13 / UK12A
Our Rating 5/10
Watchability 6/10
Contributed by Jordan Taylor

Lisa Reisert (McAdams) is the general manager of Miami's exclusive Lux Atlantic Hotel, and on her way back home after her Grandmother's funeral in Dallas. While in the airport she befriends a fellow traveller, Jackson Rippner (Cillian Murphy) and, as luck would have it, they are both seated together for the flight. A little way into the journey, it seems that the passenger with the most unlikely of names knows a little too much about Lisa, and that's when he makes a demand she cannot refuse.

So, how does it end?

On her way to the restroom, Lisa has picked up the Frankenstein pen from the teenager and hidden it away.
  Back in her seat after all her other plans have been foiled, she gets herself pumped and then thrusts the pen straight into Rippner's voicebox just as the plane has landed.
  She jumps from her seat, steals his phone and races to the front of the plane. But Cillian, like the Murphy's, is not bitter after a doctor-passenger tells him its not that serious, and chases straight after her - removing the pen and using a scarf from the flirty older woman to hide the huge scar.
  They both run through the airport, past the inept security checkpoints and guards, and try to blend in with the crowd. The phone has no signal.
  Lisa boards the inter-terminal train just in time, leaving Rippner standing, and gets to her car. While driving at speed to her father's house, she manages to make one call - to the hotel receptionist to tell her the Homeland Security guest's life is at risk and to get his family out the room. The receptionist triggers the fire alarm, and the chief's family are evacuated from the room just in time before a rocket removes that entire corner from the building.
  The phone's battery is dead. Lisa arrives at her dad's place - and sees that the ominous car parked outside is empty. Suddenly the assassin is stood in the pathway, gun ready, so she steps on the gas and takes him out ... and most of the house too. The dad (Brian Cox) is surprisingly calm, considering.
  Suddenly Rippner shows up with a hilarious (unplanned!) "Here's Johnny!" type line, that you can barely hear as his windpipe has been damaged, and he knocks out the father, before chasing Lisa around the house. She finds an old hockey stick and goes mental on him.
  She is knocked down the stairs, but finds the assassin's gun and shoots him. The dad is slowly gaining consciousness at this point and hugs his daughter.

Then, like in all good movies, the bad guy is super-human and still alive - so the dad sorts it out, and shoots him dead.
  Lisa visits the hotel to help fix some of the problems, and with her new found courage, tells the cheeky old couple where to go.

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