Category Drama
Year: 2012
Time: 138 minutes
Production: Paramount Pictures
Director: Robert Zemeckis
Denzel Washington, Kelly Reilly, Nadine Velazquez, Bruce Greenwood, Don Cheadle, John Goodman
Our Rating 4/10 - The amazing air crash CGI scenes are short lived!
Watchability 2/10 - Switch off as soon as Piers Morgan comes on screen - not because it's dull after that, but you save yourself watching Piers Morgan on the big screen!

Whip Whitaker (Denzel washington) is a hero after expertly saving almost one hundred souls on board an airliner that suffered a series of malfunctions inflight causing it to crash land. However when the FAA start to investigate the reasons for the crash, they come to the startling realization that Whip might have been seriously impaired due to alcohol and drug misuse - and now Whip must fight not only for his career, but to keep himself out of a lengthy jail sentence for manslaughter.

So, how does it end?

When Nicole leaves him because of his drinking, Whip decides to pay a visit to his ex-wife and son - who are far from happy for having him around. Outside the home, news crews have turned up, but they still don't catch on that he's been drinking.

In desperation, Whip goes to Charlie Anderson's home and begs him to help him get clean in the week leading up to his hearing.

We then cut to the night before the hearing, where Whip is escorted to a hotel room. The mini-bar has been stocked with soft drinks, and a security guard is posted outside. Whip is bored, and investigates the room next door when he realises that the connecting door is open. He spies a stacked mini bar full of alcohol. He smells a bottle of vodka, but fights the urge and leaves it behind ... until his hand reappears and snatches the bottle.

Next morning, Charlie and Hugh (Don Cheadle) enter the room - to find Whip passed out on the bathroom floor with blood everywhere after hitting his head. He's still drunk, so they have no choice but to call in Harling (John Goodman) who sorts him out with some cocaine to make his friend conscious again. Soon enough Whip is back on form and heads to the hearing.

He swears on oath that he did not drink in the days leading up to the crash, and was not drunk on board. The agent in charge of the investigation then quizzes him about the empty alcohol bottles found on the flight and that only two toxicology reports came back positive - if it wasn't Whip, because his reports were discredited, then it most have been the flight attendant Katerina.

Whip can't bring himself to agree, and suddenly comes clean. He tells everybody that Katerina saved a young boy's life, and it is him who was drinking - and he's still drunk now. Charlie and Hugh try their best to fight it.

It ends with Whip in jail, talking to other prisoners where we learn that he was sentenced to 6 years, which he thinks is fair, and he welcomed it as it has made him fight his demons, get sober and become a better person. He has photos of Nicole on his wall, and gets to see his son who visits now that his father is a changed man.

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