Alex Cross
Category Action , Thriller , Crime/Spy
Year: 2012
Time: 101 minutes
Production: James Patterson Entertainment
Director: Rob Cohen
Tyler Perry, Matthew Fox, Edward Burns, Jean Reno, John C. McGinley
MPAA PG-13 / UK15
Our Rating 5/10 - The Alex Cross Mentalist scenes are painful to watch
Watchability 3/10 - In fact one-expression Tyler Perry in this one is painful to watch!

Alex Cross (Tyler Perry) is on the trail of an assassin who is targeting rich businessmen and women in Detroit. When he gets lucky and stops one of the hits, Picasso (Matthew Fox) turns his attentions to Cross and his team.

So, how does it end?

After they foil the plans of the assassin at the apartment complex, Picasso takes it on himself to get back at the team.

First he breaks into Monica's apartment and tortures her to learn more about Cross before killing her. Next, while Cross is out for a meal, he takes a sniper position across the road and gives him a call. Before he pulls the trigger, he notices Cross's pregnant wife - and shoots her instead.

After he is taunted while at the wake, Cross wants revenge and no one - not even his frail old mum - is going to stand in his way.

Together with Kane they follow a lead on the drugs Picasso used, and beat some intel from the drug dealer - and manage to find CCTV to show the car he is driving around town.  They know a second hit is coming on the rich CEO, and go to warn the Captain, who is taking over the case. The Captain already has security on his man, but they don't count on Picasso hiding out on a passing train carriage with an RPG - who takes out the rich dude, Giles Mercier (who he was meeting) and all their security detail.

Guided by the GPS tracker on Picasso's car, Cross and Kane give chase. Picasso soon switches motors, but the boys are ready for him and smash into his getaway car. Kane is injured, but Cross gives chase into an abandoned theater. They make it up to the top floor above the stage and fight it out - and even though Picasso is a semi-pro cage fighter, and Cross looks a little out of shape, Cross gets the better of him until a final sequence when Picasso powerslams him over a railing and takes out an undamaged syringe with the sedative from his inside pocket.

Cross manages to stab the assassin instead with a dagger just in time, they tumble and crash through the ceiling. Picasso is hanging onto Cross and is about to monologue, when Cross shakes him off his leg, and Picasso falls to his death. Kane helps his old friend up to safety.

Later, in a luxury resort in a foreign land, Giles Mercier is sipping champagne when Cross and Kane show up unexpectedly. Cross tells him he put everything together, and knows that he hired Picasso, killed the other company directors and faked his own death. Mercier tells him that the hit on his wife was never sanctioned, but Cross doesn't want to hear it.

Instead he informs the authorities about the kilos of narcotics in Mercier's possession that were casually planted, and Mercier is dragged away to face a firing squad which is punishment to fit the crime in that country.

Cross returns home and decides to take the FBI job in DC.

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