The Campaign
Category Comedy
Year: 2012
Time: 85 minutes
Production: Gary Sanchez Productions
Director: Jay Roach
Will Ferrell, Zach Galifianakis, Dylan McDermott, Jason Sudeikis, Dan Akroyd, John Lithgow
Our Rating 5/10 - You'll either love this or hate this
Watchability 5/10 - See above!
Tag-line May the best loser win.

Cam Brady is a four-term Congressman for North Carolina, who has never had a rival for his position of power ... until the rich Motch brothers decide to enter the race and fund a campaign for their own man to promote their greedy agenda. Step forward Marty Huggins, the mild-mannered and likeable Director of the local tourism center. Will he be able to stand up against the dirty politics of Cam Brady and stop him winning for a fifth-term?

So, how does it end?

When Cam takes things to the next level and seduces Mitzi (Marty's wife), Mitch (his campaign manager) quits.

Wattley keeps Marty focused, and when he is ahead in the polls he is brought before the Motch brothers, who tell Marty about their plans for 'insourcing' and building a Chinese sweatshop in his district. When Marty refuses to play ball, Wattley joins Cam's team as campaign manager, and Cam is back leading in the polls.

The day of the election, Marty blows his entire budget and life savings on an advert to appear across all the major networks where he comes clean and owns up to his mistakes. The public go for it, and vote for Marty.

It makes no difference as the Motch Bros switch the ballot boxes so Cam is still declared the winner.

Cam takes to the stage, but has a change of heart and turns on the Motch Bros, revealing their plans to the media. He then steps down, giving his place to Marty. He is congratulated by Mitch, who wants to join his team again.

As it ends, the Motch Brothers are at home thinking about their next move, when the maid from the Huggins home (who is actually surprisingly talented!) shows up and serves them a summons.


It's a little too 'film school' with the political cynicism, but does have decent laughs.  Ferrell is always watchable, surely one of the most watchable actors out there, but Directors need to give him something to work with and not just use his improv skills.  This is one of his better comedies, but there's going to be a lot of haters out there.

The baby scene was a lot funnier in the trailer too - the CGI baby being punched in the face was too much, we didn't need to see that.  The cut-away in the trailer was a lot more effective ... and funnier too.

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