A Simple Plan
Category Thriller
Year: 1998
Time: 121 minutes
Production: Paramount Pictures
Director: Sam Raimi
Bill Paxton, Billy Bob Thornton, Bridget Fonda, Brent Briscoe, Gary Cole
Our Rating 3/10 - skipped over most of the dialogue to pick out the good bits!
Watchability 1/10

Two brothers and their friend stumble upon a crashed light-aircraft in the woods near their town, where onboard is the frozen remains of the pilot ... and a stash of $4million in notes. Hank (Bill Paxton) is convinced by the others not to tell the cops, but when bodies start piling up as they protect their secret, will greed get the better of the men?

So, how does it end?

The men can't keep the secret and tell their partners. Lou has gambling debts and need his share of the cash, which Hank refuses to give as it will incriminate them all. Lou devises a blackmail plan, so the brothers call by his house and record him owning up to taking the money and killing the land owner who was about to find the plane.

As they try to leave, Lou picks up his shotgun and threatens Hank. He blasts a shot into the doorpost near his head, prompting Jacob to get his rifle from the truck to defend his brother. When Lou looks as though he'll kill Hank, Jacob shoots him in the chest. Lou's wife is hysterical, and runs to the kitchen to grab a gun. Hank has no choice but to pick up Lou's shotgun and take her out. He manipulates the crime scene so it looks like Lou when on the rampage, and calls it in to the cops.

Although his story is a little fuzzy, the cops believe him.

After a short while, Hank is asked by the Sheriff to drop by the police station -- it seems a Fed has been looking for a downed light-aircraft, and they want to ask Hank and his brother if they heard anything (since Jacob mentioned an aircraft engine noise for some strange reason to the Sheriff the day they found the downed plane).

Hank knows he'll only look guilty if he flees. Next morning he meets them, while his wife puts two and two together and matches the fake Fed's profile to be the brother of the pilot in the plane -- the stash was ransom-money they had collected. She warns Hank, but he has little option but to go with them.

Jacob joins them, and they hunt around the woods for the plane. The Sheriff is the first to find it and alerts the offers. Hank can't get there in time, and The fake Fed, Baxter, shoots the Sheriff in the back. Baxter orders Hank into the plane to retrieve the cash and starts firing at him. Hank finds a bullet that fits, then exits the plane.

Baxter surrenders, but Hank shoots him dead anyway. Hank starts to think of another story to tell the cops, but Jacob has had enough. He tells Hank to shoot him and blame Baxter for it, to make it more believable, or if he lives he'll tell the cops everything. Hank reluctantly kills his brother.

Back at the police station a haunted Hank is told that the bills were marked anyway. He returns home and burns the money.


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