The Frozen Ground
Category Thriller
Year: 2013
Time: 105 minutes
Production: Grindstone Entertainment
Director: Scott Walker
Nicholas Cage, John Cusack, Vanessa Hudgens, Radha Mitchell, 50 Cent
Our Rating 7/10
Watchability 4/10
Tag-line The hunter becomes the hunted

An Alaskan State Trooper (Nicholas Cage) is hoping for an easy last few days on the job, when he is handed a new case of a young girl (Vanessa Hudgens) who has allegedly been kidnapped and tortured by a respectable member of the community. He must protect his star witness and fight for her rights, while chasing a serial killer who may be one of the most prolific murderers of his era.

So, how does it end?

Jack presses the DA to run the case against Hansen.

Out of options, Cindy goes back to the strip club to work, but has a nasty fright when she spies Hansen at the back of the room. She escapes and goes to Jack for protection. He takes her home, but his wife refuses to have her sleeping under the same roof. Not wanting to be a burden, Cindy leaves and goes back to the streets.

Hansen has been looking for her. She gets away, but locks herself in a toilet and takes drugs. It's a bad hit and she OD's. Jack shows up just in time to get her to hospital. As she recovers, she agrees to testify.

The case against Hansen is growing. He notices a car watching him at his house, so he grabs all the 'souvenirs' from his kills and takes his boy to the airfield. They get on his plane and he manages to take off in bad weather while Jack can only watch. Hansen lands at one of his favourite spots and dumps the evidence.

While he is away Jack's team get a warrant and they search his house, but all they can find are evidence of insurance fraud. Finally, just when they are about to give up, they find a gun hidden in his loft and a few other things.

Meanwhile, Cindy escapes from hospital and goes back to her motel. Hansen has hired one of the local goons to find her, and he has bribed her pimp (50 Cent). The pimp picks her up, promising to take her out of town, but instead takes her to the goon. the pimp comes good though and holds a gun to the other man. Cindy gets into the car and gets away, while the pimp gets shot.

Chased by the bad guy, she manages to get to her old motel, but Jack and the cop from Vice show up in time, and the bad guy is shot.

Back at HQ, Hansen is being questioned, but things aren't going so well. Jack uses a ploy of fake evidence, but the killer is when he lets Cindy into the room to scare him - Hansen takes the bait and yells that he wishes he killed her when he had the chance.

His lawyer can't defend him. We learn in the credits that he was sentenced to almost 500 years, and led police to the graves of his victims. Cindy got married and had kids of her own.


Has a 'Girl with the Dragon Tattoo' feel to it - but of course this one was a true story, so Stieg Larsson may well have based his series on this.

John Cusack does make an unexpected yet exceptionally creepy bad guy too!

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