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Star Wars: Episode V - The Empire Strikes Back
Category Sci-Fi , Action , Adventure
Year: 1980
Time: 124 minutes
Production: Lucasfilm
Director: Irvin Kershner
Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Billy Dee Williams
Our Rating 9/10
Watchability 9/10
Contributed by Jordan Taylor

Darth Vader has sent out thousands of probe droids into the far reaches of the galaxy in search for the hidden Rebel base. Responding to a sketchy readout of a suspicious building beamed back from one of the robots, he has a gut feeling he has found his enemy on a remote ice planet, and deploys the might of the Empire's fleet to bring them down.
  After an enormous battle on the planet's surface, the remaining rebels flee the base to set up shop elsewhere - except Luke who had a vision from Obi-Wan to seek out a Jedi master called Yoda on another planet, and the rest of the original main cast inside the Millennium Falcon who have to run the Imperial blockade but are soon in the Empire's sights. Vader is determined not to see his prize escape, and even hires a team of bounty hunters to bring back those responsible for the destruction of the first Death Star to him ... preferably alive.

So, how does it end?

Lando betrays Han and the guys to Vader in Cloud City, but soon gets himself a back-bone and decides to free them.  Han has been tortured to bring Luke to the planet (using his new Jedi location senses), and is frozen in carbonite before being handed over to the infamous bounty hunter Boba Fett as payment (who will take Han to Jabba the Hutt for a big reward).
  Vader and Luke square-up and duel with their light-sabres for quite a long time, as the rest of his team escape in the Millennium Falcon.
  At one point Vader thinks Luke is trapped inside the Carbonite machine, making his job easier, but Luke has a few Jedi tricks up his sleeve now including a flea-style super jump. "Impressive".
  More fighting before Vader chops off Luke's hand and lightsabre.  Luke tries to get away and does some teenage yelling, blaming Vader for the death of his dad until we hear ... "no, I am your father".
  Luke screams in pain then jumps for it ... but is sucked into a garbage disposal tunnel of the space-city and survives, hanging from a TV antennae.
  About to fall, he calls out for Leia who seems to have a little Jedi power of her own, and the Falcon picks him out.  R2-D2 then saves the day by activating the hyperdrive and they get away from Vader again. 
  Luke is taken to a floating rebel hospital and patched up with a new bionic hand. Meanwhile the Dream Team hatch a new plan, starting with Lando and Chewie flying out in the Falcon to find their old buddy Han.

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