Star Wars IV: A New Hope
Category Family , Sci-Fi , Action , Adventure
Year: 1977
Time: 121 minutes
Production: Lucasfilm
Director: George Lucas
Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, Alec Guinness, James Earl Jones
Our Rating 10/10
Watchability 10/10
Contributed by Jordan Taylor

A diplomatic convoy ship is boarded by the evil Darth Vader and his team of stormtroopers, who capture the Princess on-board but not before she sends a file of secret plans leading to the destruction of a powerful 'Death Star' through a droid called R2-D2 and his bumbling chum C-3P0.
  The droids escape and crash land on a desert planet, but are soon captured by little aliens called Jawas, before being sold onto a farmboy - Luke Skywalker.  R2 is keen to seek out an Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Luke leads him to an old hermit called Ben Kenobi - where the droid shows them both a message from the Princess asking for help.
    Luke can't return home as stormtroopers are on their case and have killed his foster-parents, so he decides to sign-up and save the Princess - but first he must find himself a good pilot to get them off the dusty planet...

So, how does it end?

Surely one of the best and most satisfying endings around. After Obi-Wan turns off the Death Star's tractor beam, he gets into a fight with Vader and loses on purpose to "become more powerful than you can ever imagine" - which basically means he can now guide Luke as a sort of Jimminy Crickett good-conscience puppet/spirit.
    The Millennium Falcon gets away and they deliver the Death Star plans to the rebel alliance who plan their attack.

    Using all the available 'alphabet' starfighters around (which makes no sense as they use a different alphabet in the movie, but no one seems to have noticed that), they have a plan to enter a trench on the surface and fire a torpedo into an exhaust port and bring down the space station.
    Things aren't going so well for the Alliance and Luke's team of the infamous Wedge Antilles and his old buddy Biggs are 3 of the final 4 ships around, and start their approach.  Vader and his two wingmates damage Wedge's fighter, then blow up Biggs and close in on Luke, even though 'the Force is strong with this one' (meaning he can move left to right pretty quick).
    Just as Vader is about to fire, Han storms down from above - killing one bad guy, and causing Vader and his mate to clip each other and for Vader to spin out into space.
    Luke then has all the time in the world to fire his proton torpedo into the exhaust port and make a quick getaway before the whole thing explodes.

    It ends with a huge ceremony, where Luke and Han are presented with medals by Leia (poor Chewy was forgotten about), and they turn to face the crowd who applaud and cheer.

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