The Sixth Sense
Category Thriller , Drama
Year: 1999
Time: 107 minutes
Production: Hollywood Pictures
Director: M. Night Shyamalan
Bruce Willis, Haley Joel Osment, Toni Collette, Donnie Wahlberg
MPAA PG-13 / UK15
Our Rating 7/10 - Was never as good as the hype
Watchability 5/10 - Worth a second look to see the dead man walking
Contributed by WB

Dr Malcolm Crowe (Bruce Willis) is an award winning child psychologist, who is shot on the night he is recognised in front of his peers by a troubled ex-patient.  His new case, a young boy called Cole, echoes symptoms that cursed his failed ex-patient. The boy's mum cannot cope with the supernatural happenings around her son - and it seems that Crowe is the only person that can help him.

So, how does it end?

Cole finally opens up to Crowe and tells him that "he sees dead people, walking around like regular people".  Crowe doesn't believe him.

When Cole becomes increasingly hysterical, with scars from the ghosts, Crowe looks back over his tapes of the failed ex-patient case - and can hear ghost voices recorded on the audio.

To help Cole beat this condition, he suggests that he helps the ghosts - listens to them to find out what they want. Cole summons the courage to talk to one girl who has been poisoned. Cole takes Crowe to the girl's home for her funeral reception, and finds a video tape - she was recording herself playing with puppets, when her mother enters the room and is caught on camera poisoning her daughter. The mother is stopped, the other daughter is safe, and the ghost can be content.

Later, Cole tells his mother that he is finally ready to talk to her - they are stuck in traffic, and he tells her his secret. She doesn't believe him. He says he can see the ghost of the woman who has just died -- and to seal the deal tells him mum that he has been talking with his Grandma. She went to see her daughter dance, before she died, but hid at the back. She is also very proud of her daughter, and apologises for taking the necklace. The mum breaks down in tears.

Crowe returns to his home, but his wife is asleep, having watched old wedding videos late into the night. He realises he has not been wearing the wedding ring - and the door to the cellar has been locked and blocked. Suddenly he realises what it all means and pieces it all together - he is a ghost himself, and was shot and killed that night. It's quite obvious really when you think about it -- with just the one red herring (probably added in editing) when he is sat in a chair facing Cole's mum as if they had been chatting.

Crowe tries talking to his wife, and in her sleep she asks why he left her - but Crowe says he never left her, and she was never second in his life. She is now free to move on - and Crowe is too.

This movie would have been a whole lot better if the fact that Cole "sees dead people" was kept secret from the promotional material -- as I'm guessing M. Night intended, as it's vague up until about an hour into the movie. It would have added to the mystery - but of course every trailer, poster and tv spot ruined that.
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