Far Cry
Category Action , Adventure , Sci-Fi
Year: 2008
Time: 95 minutes
Production: Brightlight Pictures
Director: Uwe Boll
Til Schweiger, Emmanuelle Vaugier, Udo Kier, Don S.Davis, Ralf Moeller
Our Rating 4/10 - Didn't have any expectations -- wasn't disappointed.
Watchability 2/10 - I know it's not meant to be a serious movie, but never again!
Contributed by WB

A mysterious island ... a mad scientist experimenting on army soldiers ... an investigative journalist snooping around looking for a big story ... an alcoholic ex-special forces German boat owner with, apparently, the only good boat at the docks ... it can only be another "B" movie video-game adaptation!

So, how does it end?

CCTV cameras pick up Valerie hiding beneath some crates, so she is escorted to the Doc and given a special tour of the facility.

Jack hitches a ride with a tubby chef or boat owner (it's not clear) called Emillio (when he's blatantly not in any way Italian), but they are soon surroundered by the captain's men and taken hostage.

The Doc releases Max, Valerie's uncle, with the instruction to kill the two men - but Jack uses their old safe word, and Max fights against the programming he received. He turns on the other modified soldiers who have also been released. Valerie is surprisingly calm watching all this from a safe platform.

The modified soldiers break out through a glass window (who'd have guessed) and party like it's 1999 chasing after the poor soldiers on base. The Doc worries, paints over the formula on a canvas, and gathers his stuff to leave.

Jack does quite a good job taking care of himself - and then makes amends with the army captain, who tells him where to find Valerie.  The Doc's girl is sent to kill the captain, sparking a war between the Doc's mercenaries in black and the army guys in camouflage.

Jack captures the Doc and wants to swap him for Valerie, but the bad girl calls his bluff.  The deal is called off - but Max emerges from the shadows. The bad chick shoots him in the eye, but Max still manages to break her neck.

Jack grabs Valerie, and Emillio turns up in time to take them away on a little boat. The Doc is left holding the canvas with three remaining modified soldiers bearing down on him.

Later, Jack and Valerie are together again. Jack has a new boat thanks to the insurance payments, Valerie was instructed not to write her story by the secret service but has still kept her old job, and Emillio now works as a chef on Jack's boat.  The "comedy" couple from the beginning turn up, wanting to go and see some whales again.

A $30million budget -- and yet only released in Germany where it made 567,000 Euros??! Wow!! Who makes these kinds of decisions?! After Inglorious I'm a big Til Schweiger fan, and although his tongue-in-cheek performance here was the only good thing about the movie, this could easily have killed off his career.
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