Son of the Mask
Category Family , Comedy
Year: 2005
Time: 94 minutes
Production: Dark Horse Entertainment
Director: Lawrence Guterman
Jamie Kennedy, Alan Cumming, Ben Stein, Traylor Howard
Our Rating 3/10 - Just because it has Ben Stein again in it
Watchability 1/10
Contributed by Jordan Taylor

When 'the mask' was thrown into a river at the end of the original (and much better) movie - it begins a journey downstream until it is found by a dog which could well be Milo from the original (maybe they got a bargain deal from a local animal trainer).  Little Milo takes it home to his master Tim Avery (Jamie Kennedy), a failing cartoonist, and his wife Tonya (Traylor Howard) who is desperate for a baby.
  Meanwhile, Ben Stein ("Bueller .... anyone??") recreates his role from the original as the Mask expert - this time leading a tour through a local museum exhibition - which is gatecrashed by the Norse god Loki (Alan Cumming) -  the inspiration for the Mask and its powers.  He has been sent by his father Odin to bring back the mask - but has quite a task as the world is full of fakes.
  Soon, Tim wears the mask to impress his boss at a party - and on the way home gets busy with his wife, resulting in a baby 9 months later with inbuilt supernatural 24/7 Mask powers.  Loki learns of this and wants to find the baby, Tim struggles to bond with the little guy ... and the poor dog feels neglected.

So, how does it end?

Quite a long-winded ending!  First Loki kidnaps the baby and arranges a meeting in exchange for the mask - and starts to bond with the little fella without the others around.  Tim and Tonya get the dog back on their team, disturbing his intimate dinner date, by apologising for leaving him out and that the baby needs him. The dog then gives up the mask, and they get to the factory to make a deal.
  Loki double-crosses them, but Tim ends up wearing the mask - and as they square-up it's clear that each powers cancel the other's out.  They decide to let the baby choose who he wants to leave with -- the baby starts towards Loki until Tim removes the mask, and the baby changes his mind.
  Loki is pretty angry and tries to kill them all with a giant hammer, until his Old Man shows up and embarrasses the little god in front of the Averys.  Tim steps up and tells them to settle their differences and love each other, which seems to work.  They vanish into another realm to sing "cats in the cradle".
  Tim uses his experience to pitch a new idea for a cartoon - a dog fighting with a baby for the man's attention and its a big hit.  In the last scene they are sat in bed watching it on tv ... and Tonya tells her husband to expand the series as they have another one on the way.

2.00/10 ( 8 Votes )
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