Mission Impossible III
Category Action , Adventure , Thriller
Year: 2006
Time: 126 minutes
Production: Paramount Pictures
Director: J.J.Abrams
Tom Cruise, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ving Rhames, Michelle Monaghan, Maggie Q, Simon Pegg, Laurence Fishburne
MPAA PG-13 / UK12A
Our Rating 7/10
Watchability 8/10
Contributed by JT

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) has retired from field duty as he's an old codger, and is trying to balance work with family commitments when he is summoned back to the office to rescue one of his students from a new, super arch-villian - the chubby and slightly slow small-arms dealer Owen Davian (Phillip Seymour Hoffman), who somehow turns out to be Hunt's biggest challenge so far. Will he be able to save the day again?

So, how does it end?

With Davian captured and en route back to the US, Hunt tries to get names from the bad guy and find out about 'The Rabbit's Foot', but Davian is defiant and promises to harm those he loves.

Back in the US, they board an armoured convoy to escort the prisoner but while travelling (pretty unwisely) over a route that takes them over an impossibly long Miami-style bridge, they are attacked - the lead and rear vehicles are taken out by missiles fired from a drone.  A gunship hovers onto the scene and opens fire - the IMF agents help the injured passengers while those around Davian's van are taken out.
  The mercenaries jump out next to Davian's truck and spread a foam over the side to burn the metal before it cools rapidly. They then use sledge-hammers to break open a new door.

Cruise has returned to his car and finds a super-powered rifle which he uses to take down the drone. He then races off to get to Davian but can't quite make a big jump, and the convict gets away.
  Knowing his wife is in danger, he gets in a car and speeds off while using his mobile (these people have no respect for the law) and phones the hospital, but she is in the shower after just getting out of surgery.  Meanwhile an English guy who looks like a fifth Beatle finds Julia and sticks a spot on her arm which acts as a tranquiliser.
  Ethan is called by Davian and told he has 48hrs to bring back the foot or his wife dies.

Outside the hospital, Ethan is cornered. He tries to escape but is handcuffed and muffled.
  Back at the HQ he is brought into a secluded room Hannibal Lectar style and Laurence Fishburne gives a long speech and blinks in morse code a little - buts its all a red herring.  The Director behind then asks Ethan to look him in the eyes - and mouths instructions on where to go once he escapes - and hands him a tiny knife.

Ethan stabs and generally beats up the security guys with him in the elevator before he breaks out and catches the first flight to Hong Kong, where he meets up with his trusty team again.
  With a bit of advanced physics, they soon hatch a plan.

So, his pals fire baseballs onto the skyscraper's triangular roof as Ethan base jumps and then swings back around, taking out the guards as he slides down the glass roof.
  The team wait patiently.
  Suddenly they hear a frantic call, and (in quite a cool scene) Hunt jumps from a mid-story window and parachutes down.  They pick him up, and take out the security patrol cars.

Hunt calls Davian just in time and arranges a pick-up.  A limo, driven by the Beatle, picks him up and he takes a magic potion that knocks him out for the journey.

Waking up in a room facing his wife, he is asked about the Rabbit's Foot. He is frantic and tries to answer the questions but his wife is shot dead in front of him. Obviously he's pretty inconsolable - then they whip off the mask and its the translator from before. And she would have gotten away with it too if it wasn't for those pesky kids...   Ok, anyway the dirty Director then walks in and explains they needed to be sure. He explains that now they need to work with small arms dealers to catch the big fish - plus they can instigate a war to eliminate prospective future enemies -- but he needs to know what the agent that was murdered told him.

Hunt bites onto his hand, gives him a headbutt, and then escapes. He phones Simon Pegg to find the location of the Director's last call, and then does this funny looking chicken run to get there in double-time.

He shoots up some bad guys but its a trap - Davian appears and triggers the 3minute chip in his head. Hunt controls it and manages to fight back, and as they wrestle outside a car crushes his podgy enemy.

Ethan gets back to his wife and unties her, who is surprisingly calm and good natured considering everything that has gone on - then hands her a gun and gets her to electrocute him to damage the chip.  As he is out, two bad guys pick their moment to appear - a henchman and the dodgy Director, but Julia takes them both out like a pro. She then resuscitates her husband.
  The Hunts return to HQ as heroes, and Julia is a big hit with the IMF boys in the office.

I never realised Lost and Alias's JJ Abrams was the director at the time. He didn't do too bad a job with this one.
5.33/10 ( 12 Votes )
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