Employee of the Month
Category Comedy , Romantic
Year: 2006
Time: 103 minutes
Production: Lionsgate
Director: Greg Coolidge
Dane Cook, Jessica Simpson, Dax Shepard, Andy Dick, Efren Ramirez
MPAA PG-13 / UK12A
Our Rating 6/10
Watchability 6/10
Contributed by JT

Zack (Dane Cook) lost all his money after his dot-com business went bust and now lives with his Grandma and works at 'Super Club', a bargain warehouse store. He hasn't progressed from the lowest position of "box boy" in 10 years, never bothers with the "Employee of the Month" and daily star-incentive schemes, leaving Vince, head cashier and his rival, to pick up the awards where he is one month off winning himself a new car.
  All is about to change when the beautiful Amy (Jessica Simpson) is transferred to the store with the rumor that she ONLY dates the Employee of the Month -- so this month, the competition is on!

So, how does it end?

Zach gets his act together and the month's tally is a tie with both Zach and Vince on 15 daily stars each. With changing his life around he has forgotten about his old pals, and to impress the boss's brother he leaves the post he was covering for Lqbal (QBall) and heads off to the company softball game to help win the match for the Super Club team.
  Back at the bar for post-game drinks, things are going great with the management team - yet he is shunned by his friends and learns that Qball was sacked for not being at work to help a customer.  While talking about his reasons, Amy overhears that she was the "prize" and walks out. She tells Zach outside that the rumor was started by a spiteful ex-boyfriend and is not true. Zach is full of remorse and quits his job, sleeping in the next day.

His Grandma kicks him out of bed the next morning, and he goes to see his friends to apologise - but QBall tells him it was a blessing in disguise, meaning his wife must now work instead and he is enjoying his early retirement. With the help of his friends, he returns to work where he will have a direct showdown with Vince:

The final daily star, and winner of that month's Employee of the Month, will be given to the cashier that scans all items in their trolley in the quickest time. The management throw in a few "curveballs" such as a tyre without a barcode, and as they both race back to the checkout to scan their final item, Jorge beeps his friend's item first meaning that Vince is the winner.
  At the ceremony the security guard makes his way to the stage and shows the audience video footage that reveals Vince didn't scan an item that he threw behind his back -- and its something he's been doing for years. Vince makes a run for it but is flattened by the big guy.

Zach is declared the winner, and gets the girl as well.

Meanwhile Jorge lets Vince sit inside his new car, and we find out the cashier has been tagged and ordered to pay back all the free items he has given out over the years - As Jorge starts the car to take him outside the perimeter of his tagged zone to get him back for being such a bad friend.

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