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Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
Category Comedy
Year: 2003
Time: 85 minutes
Production: New Line Cinema
Director: Troy Miller
Eric Christian Olsen, Derek Richardson, Eugene Levy, Mimi Rogers, Luis Guzman, Shia LaBeouf
MPAA PG-13 / UK12A
Our Rating 1/10 - how could they do this to a classic?!
Watchability 1/10 - about the number of times I laughed
Contributed by Jordan Taylor
Tag-line Before the first movie, there was high school. They missed the bus.

Starting the story when Harry Dunne first met Lloyd Christmas in High School, this prequel is an absolute waste of time - be warned! Principal Collins (Eugene Levy) hears about a scheme for schools that start a Special Needs class. Hoping to pocket the money with his lunchlady-mistress and move to Hawaii, they appoint Lloyd and Harry as class presidents whose first job is to recruit their 'challenged' friends (including a terrible performance by Shia LaBeouf) to fill up the class.

So, how does it end?

The Special Needs class get to the work on a float of George Washington, while the Principal kidnaps Jessica to try and get his case full of secrets back that Lloyd stole earlier.
  Harry & Lloyd are at the 7eleven trying to score slushies, they destroy the petrol station Zoolander style and then chase after the Principal's car to rescue Jessica. They catch up to them at Principal Collins' house, where Jessica tells them a plan whch is over their heads.
  They return to school and break into the chest. Next day the Chinese girl uncovers the plot. Meanwhile 2 detectives have set up a sting to arrest the Principal when he accepts the cheque.
  The float passes by, with speakers blasting out the recorded thoughts of Collins. He panics,  grabs the cheque and runs for it, but is cornered by the police. Harry picks him up with a hooked hand from the float, and then both he and the dinnerlady are taken away.
  Jessica's boyfriend shows up and just like with Mary she leaves Harry and Lloyd behind.

While walking home, trying to steal the ending of the first movie, a convertible rolls up with two beautiful blonde twins - the Felchers. They both fight over Freda, their favourite, and as Lloyd insults her twin they drive away spinning the tyres to cover Harry in mud.  Of course, 1) how would the twins know their names, 2) surely Freda Felcher was never meant to be a beautiful blonde, and 3) How is Lloyd meant to end up with her between that time and the sequel?
  Harry crosses the road and falls onto the windshield of Jessica's dad's Mercedes. The old man assumes the dirt is faeces, and the boys just walk away to leave him behind with the mess.

At least in the closing credits it shows the various outtakes to prove that the actors had a better time filming it than we did watching it.


Never have I been so disappointed. Ok, so the writers must have at least seen the original as they try to re-use a lot of the scenarios that worked big style in the orignal, but beyond a good title (and to be honest a pretty good 80s/90s soundtrack) this was all a terrible idea. Olsen and Richardson as Harry and Lloyd give it their all, but they have nothing to work with.

4.60/10 ( 5 Votes )
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