Mr. Bean's Holiday
Category Comedy , Family
Year: 2007
Time: 90 minutes
Production: Universal Pictures
Director: Steve Bendelack
Rowan Atkinson, Willem Dafoe, Emma de Caunes
Our Rating 1/10 - they should have just re-used funny scenes from the tv series
Watchability 1/10 - about the number of times I laughed
Contributed by Jordan Taylor

Mr Bean enters a church raffle and claims the top two prizes - a trip to France and a camcorder to record highlights of the trip. He has problems with the language in Paris, and soon ends up as the reluctant guardian of a young Russian boy after he causes the father to be left standing at the train station.
  Accused of kidnapping the Russian film critic's son, and unable to communicate with him, Bean must reunite the two while also making his way to the beach for a much needed tan.

So, how does it end?

With the help of Sabine, who just happens to be driving the infamous Bean mobile, Bean and the Russian kid make it to Cannes. Bean is on the run from the police who assume he has kidnapped the boy, but Sabine doesn't care as she just wants to make it to the premiere.

In disguise, Bean and the boy make their way into the screening of Carson Clay's incredibly boring film. The main joke is that it is meant to be hilarious thinking a Hollywood director can be so wrapped up in himself that he can make a ridiculously dull movie just to showcase his artistic vision and people will watch it.  The problem is that the joke is too close to the bone on this movie - to make it work you need a genuinely funny movie to pull it off -- and also not to show the entire fake movie that has been designed to be dull and boring!

So Bean makes his way to the projection room, and while keeping the audio running he shows his camcorder film over the film footage.  The crowd prefer it and assume that it's all part of the show.

The Russian father confronts Bean, but then the boy appears from behind the screen. The crowd go wild for no reason. Dafoe thinks his movie is a hit and hugs Bean.

Bean realises he has made it to the beach and gets the camcorder out again.

To make it one of the worst endings to a movie ever, the entire cast sing along to a little known French song while on the beach straight to the camera.

The only thing to learn from this movie, which is another huge disappointment, is that according to the passport scene Bean's first name is "Rowan".


A truly terrible Bean movie. I'm a huge fan too - the tv series was comedy dynamite. They should have just re-used situations that worked from the episodes - like they did with the original movie.

And what did they say (or pay) to get Willem Dafoe involved?!

1.07/10 ( 15 Votes )
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