Category Comedy
Year: 2006
Time: 107 minutes
Production: Columbia Pictures
Director: Frank Coraci
Adam Sandler, Kate Beckinsale, Christopher Walken, David Hasselhoff, Henry Winkler, Sean Astin, James Earl Jones, Jennifer Coolidge
MPAA PG-13 / UK12A
Our Rating 6/10
Watchability 5/10
Contributed by JT

Same old story of a workaholic father (getting sick of writing that description in the plot notes) who ignores his family to aim for a better life, with the best of intentions, but finds that he is just wishing his life away moving from one project to the next. When Michael Newman (Adam Sandler) realises that he just doesn't have time in the day, or energy, to do everything he is supposed to, and still aim to impress his boss (Hasselhoff) enough to be promoted to a partner in the firm, his dreams are about to come true when a mysterious old man called Morty (Walken) gives him a universal remote control that allows him to control time itself.

So, how does it end?

Keep on with the movie - the ending is one of the most touching you'll see in years, and surprising from an Adam Sandler movie!  AND that guy who is in ALL his other movies (the caddie in Happy Gilmore, gay lawyer in Big Dady etc - doesn't seem to be in it!  but tell me if I'm wrong). Must be cool being mates with Adam to get a free gig.

So, Michael's life is fast-forwarding out of control. The controller has a memory function that remembers his actions from previous events, leaving him in a zombie state for most of his life.
  Things have progressed well with work - since he set up his boss with Janine, he was quickly promoted from partner to CEO of the company.  But things have taken a turn for the worse outside of life -- he is badly overweight, his gorgeous wife (Kate Beckinsale) has left him for the swimming instructor (Sean Astin), and the kids are out of control.

Finding himself at the wedding of his son, Michael is old and realises that he has wished his life away. When his daughter calls Sean Astin 'Dad', he suffers a massive heartattack - but while in hospital they find that cancer was the cause of his weight problem.
  Michael has missed major events in his life - from the death of the family dog to the death of his father.  Morty shows him the error of his ways, and a scene from the past when he ignored his son and dad, while he was at work, in a heartless way.
Finally, Michael wakes up back on the bed at the bargain store from before.  He leaps up, hugs the worker without any friends, then drives to his parents house and apologises to his parents for being a terrible son (while humouring his dad about the coin trick). He promises to invite them over more regularly.
  Michael races home, wakes everyone up - and tells them that he needs help to organise their 4th of July party! He even buys a little bulldog with a pink bow as a friend for the family dog - but the bulldog turns out to be male as well, and they both take a shine to the poor duck.

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