Category Comedy
Year: 2007
Time: 90 minutes
Production: Breakout Films
Director: Andrew O'Connor
David Mitchell, Robert Webb, Sarah Hadland, Jessica Hynes
UK Certification 15
Our Rating 7/10 - some 'laugh out loud' moments
Watchability 7/10
Contributed by Jordan Taylor
Tag-line Don't ask how they do it, ask why?

Harry & Karl (Mitchell & Webb) are the ultimate magic act, making a good living through live shows across the UK, until Harry catches his partner cheating with his wife, who also happens to be their assistant, just before the final part of their act - the French guillotine. Something goes wrong with the machine and Harry's wife is decapitated!
  Unable to forgive each other, it is not until many years pass that they reluctantly agree to team-up again to enter a magic tournament known as "The Shield", in the hope to win the £20,000 prize - but will they make it past the first round?

So, how does it end?

After falling out and entering as solo acts, Harry (and his assistant Linda) and Karl (with his agent Otto) make it to the final.  Harry is jealous when another magician claims he slept with his assistant, and they argue. Karl overhears and warns Linda to be careful when he finds that Harry is planning to use the guillotine for the finale of his act!
  Meanwhile, Karl's "Mind Monger" fake psychic act fails miserably on stage when he is struck with conscience and tells the crowd it is all just an act - to win over his gullible Geordie admirer.
  Harry is next up, but his assistant panics and cannot go through with the final piece. Karl steps up and puts his head on the block. He apologises for what happened before, Harry says nothing, he starts to panic too - but it's too late! The steel blade falls ... and his head is cut off. The crowd are silent.
  Then from the back of the hall Karl appears and takes the applause. The crowd go wild.
  Harry and Karl win the grand prize, but just because the other acts were terrible. Harry thanks Linda from the front and they make up.

A little while later, Harry and Karl are back performing together - with their two newest assistants, doing the dance to Electric Six's "Gay Bar"!

If you like the "Peep Show" series then you'll love this movie, which seems to have been written solely for the Mitchell & Webb double-team. The Mr.Potato Head magic act and everything to do with the stooge are comedy gold too!
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