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Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol [ 2011 ]
Original title: MI:4 [ Hits:24974 ]
Production: Paramount Pictures
Plot: Ethan Hunt is broken out of a secure Moscow prison by the IMF team to be recruited for another impossible mission: to break into the archives room deep inside The Kremlin and find the true identity of a man known only as 'Cobalt' who has stolen the launch codes for a Russian nucl...

Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation [ 2015 ] [ Hits:14745 ]
Production: Paramount Pictures
Plot: With IMF under close scrutiny for destroying the Kremlin, Ethan leaves his team and goes rogue to tackle an underground organisation known as The Syndicate who have declared war on IMF. Comprised of mercenary, elite agents from around the world (all MIA or presumed dead), The Syn...

Moneyball Moneyball [ 2011 ] [ Hits:20896 ]
Production: Columbia Pictures
Plot: Billy Beane, ex pro and General Manager of the Oakland A's, is tired of the unfairness in baseball and the gulf in wages between the teams.  At a scouting meeting to find fresh talent after the top teams had again pinched their best players, Beane decides to try something new - ...

Monsters vs Aliens Monsters vs Aliens [ 2009 ] [ Hits:17243 ]
Production: DreamWorks Animation
Plot: Susan Murphy (Reese Witherspoon) is about to be married to Derek the tv weatherman when she is struck by a meteorite and starts to transform into a giant 50ft woman. Taken to a secret government lair for testing, she meets up with her fellow monsters - BOB a gelatinous mass, Dr. ...

Mr Popper's Penguins Mr Popper's Penguins [ 2011 ] [ Hits:18135 ]
Production: 20th Century Fox
Plot: "The life of a businessman begins to change after he inherits six penguins, and as he transforms his apartment into a winter wonerland, his professional side starts to unravel."...

Mr. Bean's Holiday Mr. Bean's Holiday [ 2007 ] [ Hits:20398 ]
Production: Universal Pictures
Plot: Mr Bean enters a church raffle and claims the top two prizes - a trip to France and a camcorder to record highlights of the trip. He has problems with the language in Paris, and soon ends up as the reluctant guardian of a young Russian boy after he causes the father to be left st...

My Little Eye My Little Eye [ 2002 ] [ Hits:18672 ]
Production: Studio Canal
Plot: Big Brother turns nasty when 5 strangers apply to live in a deserted, isolated mansion for 6 months while they are filmed 24/7.  If they make it to the end, without anyone leaving, they win $1million.  But it's not going to be that easy......

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