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Appaloosa Appaloosa [ 2008 ] [ Hits:16065 ]
Production: New Line Cinema
Plot: Back in the Wild West, men belonging to a wealthy landowner called Bragg (Jeremy Irons) have been terrorizing a local town, so the town officials led by Timothy Spall have hired two infamous gun-hands Virgil Cole (Ed Harris) and his friend Everett Hitch (Viggo Mortensen) to bring...

Arlington Road Arlington Road [ 1999 ] [ Hits:25259 ]
Production: Screen Gems/Lakeshore
Plot: Michael Faraday (Jeff Bridges) is a paranoid and widowed college professor with a thing for Government conspiracy theories, who starts to suspect that his seemingly friendly neighbour, Oliver Lang (Tim Robbins), may just be another terrorist....

Armageddon Armageddon [ 1998 ] [ Hits:24557 ]
Production: Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Plot: An asteroid the size of Texas is on a collison course with earth. NASA have been a little careless and only wake up to the threat when giant meteors the size of cars strike major cities around the world. With 18 days to find an answer, they reach out to Harry Stamper and his crew...

Armored Armored [ 2009 ] [ Hits:17691 ]
Production: Screen Gems
Plot: Ty Hackett is an Afghan veteran who has returned home to care for his little brother since their parents' untimely death, leaving them with huge hospital bills and the risk of losing their family home. Recruited by friends to join the team of Eagle Shield security, he is approach...

Arn: The Knight Templar Arn: The Knight Templar [ 2007 ] [ Hits:22086 ]
Production: AMC Pictures
Plot: Arn Magnusson (Joakim Natterqvist) was brought up in a monastery after his divine healing from a serious illness, where he was taught how to fight by one of the monks, who belonged to the Knights Templar. When he hadserved his time, Arn returns to his father's village which is at...

Assassins Assassins [ 1995 ] [ Hits:17851 ]
Production: Canal+
Plot: Robert Path (Stallone) is at the top of his game - the most respected and top-seeded assassin in the world, but he wants out. To reach the top, you have to kill the competition - as Path did 10yrs earlier to his Russian mentor and friend which has burdened him with guilt ever sin...

Austin Powers in Goldmember Austin Powers in Goldmember [ 2002 ] [ Hits:14704 ]
Production: New Line Cinema
Plot: Austin learns that his father, Nigel Powers, has been kidnapped by a new super-villain called Goldmember, and taken back in time.  Austin travels back to 1975 and teams up with old flame Foxxy Cleopatra to defeat Dr. Evil, Mini Me and Goldmember one final time....

Avatar Avatar [ 2009 ] [ Hits:26866 ]
Production: 20th Century Fox
Plot: An injured war-hero is sent to the alien world of Pandora to take his twin brother's place on a project to befriend the native humanoid race, the Na'vi, and gain their trust to help relations with the human colony that is mining the planet.    Jake Sully (Worthingt...

Avengers Assemble Avengers Assemble [ 2012 ]
Original title: The Avengers [ Hits:24270 ]
Production: Marvel
Plot: Nick Fury from S.H.I.E.L.D. needs to recruit a team of Superheroes to help defend the Earth against the sinister demi-god Loki and his army of power-hungry aliens called The Chitauri. Can Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Hulk, Black Widow and more put aside their di...

Awake Awake [ 2007 ] [ Hits:17164 ]
Production: GreeneStreet Films
Plot: Hayden Christensen is a filthy-rich capital-investment megalomaniac and, like Lex Luther, has everything in the world ... except a heart.  Well, ok, he's a nice guy in this movie but has an actual problem with his ticker.  He needs a full heart transplant and ...

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