Cool Runnings (1993)

Based on the true story of 4 Jamaican sprinters who failed to qualify for the Olympics - so decided to try-out for the bobsleigh event instead! When Derice Bannock (Leon) learns that disgraced ex-champion Irving 'Irv' Blitzer (John Candy) is on the island, he enlists his help as coach to get them ready for Calgary and the Winter Olympics XV.

Our Rating: 8/10 - genuine feel good movie
Watchability: 8/10 - ending gets me every time!
Contributed By: Jordan Taylor
Tagline: Inspired by the true story of the first Jamaican Olympic bobsled team.

Release Date: 1993-10-01
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English | German | Russian
  • Runtime: 138
  • Budget: $15,000,000
  • Revenue: $68,856,263
  • Production: Walt Disney Pictures

So, how does the movie end??

They reach Calgary, but nerves get the best of them on the first run - and the team rebel against Derice and his fascination with the Swiss.
  Led by Sanka, for the second day's event they do what they do best - be themselves. They even have a new chant to get them psyched.

""Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme, get on up - it's Bobsled time. Cool Runnings!!""

They finish the day in 8th place, but are on track to rival the Swiss team.

For the final day they have won over the crowd - even the tv presenters are wearing Jamaican t-shirts.
  With a fast start they hurtle down the track, and look like they might win it.  But the old bobsled cart doesn't hold up and a screw breaks loose - without steering the bobsled falls on its side after a high-sided corner and the poor team need to use their heads as the brake.
  It finally comes to a stop, and the medics run towards them. The crowd is silent. Asking if they're ok, Derice tells his team that he wants to finish the race.
  They stand and pick up the heavy bobsled, and slowly carry it towards the finish line.  The dodgy Eastern block racer starts a slow hand-clap which turns into rapturous applause from the crowd. 
  Irv's old rival even joins in - and Junior's proud dad tears open his jacket to reveal the Jamaican t-shirt in a heart-breaking moment.

In the credits it tells us that they returned to the Winter Olympics 4 years later - as equals.

Derice Bannock
Doug E. Doug
Doug E. Doug
Sanka Coffie
Rawle D. Lewis
Rawle D. Lewi...
Junior Bevil
Malik Yoba
Malik Yoba
Yul Brenner
John Candy
John Candy
Raymond J. Barry
Raymond J. Ba...
Kurt Hemphill
Peter Outerbridge
Peter Outerbr...
Josef Grool
Bill Dow
Bill Dow
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