The Secret of My Succe$s (1987)

Brantley Foster (Michael J Fox) heads to the Big Apple to make something of his life - but soon learns that finding a job is not as easy as it seems, and success is just as elusive as it was in Kansas. Becoming desperate, he uses a loose family connection with an Uncle Howard he has never met, but impresses him sufficiently to be given a job in the mail-room of a large company.

Alternative Title: Secret of my Succe$s
Our Rating: 5/10
Watchability: 5/10
Contributed By: JT
Tagline: There's no such thing as an overnight success. Brantley Foster took two weeks.

Release Date: 1987-04-10
IMDb icon 6.5/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 151
  • Budget: $12,000,000
  • Revenue: $66,995,879
  • Production: Rastar Pictures

So, how does the movie end??

While at a company party at uncle Howard's house, Brantley is asked to keep his Aunt Vera occupied - and Carlton Whitfield away from Christy. That night, while the exec sleep over in the mansion, Brantley finds files that Christy has stolen from his room and hides in her bed. Howard sneaks into her room and climbs into bed - closely followed by Christy and aunt Vera.

The lights are turned on and everyone knows what is going on. Howard also finally finds out that Brantley is Carlton Whitfield.

Back in the office, Brantley and Christy argue as they clear out their desks - but while in the elevator work out a new plan.

The shareholders are having the big merger meeting with Donald Davenport, until Brantley intrudes with Christy, his secretary and mail-room friend. He is allowed to make a nuisance of himself, and then reveals that he owns shares in the company so has a right to be there ... and then Vera walks into the room, and tells them that at this moment she owns over 50% of the shares in Davenport's firm and is buying him out.

She sacks Howard from her father's business, to be replaced by Brantley who she believes in. And she also falls for the mail-room friend.

Brantley can now fly back to visit his parents in Kansas - not with the return ticket but the company jet, to prove that he is a success and has made it in New York.

Michael J. Fox
Michael J. Fo...
Brantley Foster / Carlton Whitfield
Helen Slater
Helen Slater
Christy Wills
Richard Jordan
Richard Jorda...
Howard Prescott
Margaret Whitton
Margaret Whit...
Vera Prescott
John Pankow
John Pankow
Fred Melrose
Christopher Murney
Christopher M...
Barney Rattigan
Gerry Bamman
Gerry Bamman
Art Thomas
Fred Gwynne
Fred Gwynne
Donald Davenport
Carol Ann Susi
Carol Ann Sus...
Elizabeth Franz
Elizabeth Fra...
Grace Foster
Drew Snyder
Drew Snyder
Burt Foster
Susan Kellermann
Susan Kellerm...
Barton Heyman
Barton Heyman
Arnold Forbush
Mercedes Ruehl
Mercedes Rueh...
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