The Holiday (2006)

LA businesswoman Amanda (Cameron Diaz) finds out that her partner has been cheating on her at about the exact same time, over in England, Iris (Kate Winslet) has her heart broken by the bad guy from A Knight's Tale with the funny eyes who has decided to marry someone else, while stringing her along for the best part of 3 years. Wanting to get out the country for Christmas, they both join a new online service that allows them to exchange houses for an immediate vacation. 
  Once they both settle into their new homes, both women end up becoming involved with their new neighbours - Amanda with Jude Law (who happens to be Iris's brother), and Iris with an old guy across the street ... and then later the more mobile Jack Black.
  With the return-flight deadlines quickly approaching, they must both decide if they prefer their new life abroad or long to go back to their old lives sat in front of the tv, alone, with a house full of cats.

Our Rating: 9/10 - Surprisingly very good!
Watchability: 8/10
Contributed By: Jordan Taylor

Release Date: 2006-12-08
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 218
  • Budget: $85,000,000
  • Revenue: $63,224,849
  • Production: Columbia Pictures

So, how does the movie end??

Albert, the really nice old guy across the street, has wisely mentored Iris into becoming a new woman through a selection of old movies he made her watch, each with a strong female lead, that has empowered and improved her self-esteem.
  She is still a bit of a loser-in-love however, as Jack Black runs out on their friend-date to see his ex, the cheater - and when Iris returns to her LA mansion the bad guy from A Knights Tale is there, and wins her back ... until he admits that he wants to still be engaged to the other woman.  Empowered, she turns him down and kicks him out the house.
  Meanwhile the Ross/Rachel type Cameron Diaz/Jude Law scenario keeps flipping back and forward. When she plucks up the courage to arrive at his house uninvited, she finds out that the other two 'women' in his life are in fact his two little girls, since he has been widowed for a few years. While playing with the kids, she hears the youngest refer to themselves as ""the 3 musketeers"" - just as her father used to.

Iris takes Albert to the WGA seminar, expecting a small audience, when in a genuinely tear-jerking scene the auditorium is packed with fans. He makes it to the stage, past a few stairs with the help of Jack Black's theme song in his head, and is instantly a big hit. As he starts to deliver his speech, Jack asks Iris out on a date, which she accepts.

Meanwhile Amanda says her goodbyes to Jude Law and gets into the chauffered ride to take her to the airport. Thinking about their time together, she starts to cry for the first time in years - so she tells the driver to turn around. When he is too slow, she gets out the car and runs to the cottage - where she finds Jude Law, also in tears.

At New Year, both couples are at Jude Law's place with the kids, having a great time.

Random Notes!
All these people have one of my 'dream' jobs!! -- You have an oscar-winning screenwriter (Albert), someone who creates Hollywood blockbuster trailers (Diaz), a Hollywood score composer (Jack Black) - and even Jude Law is an editorial agent! What happened to all the 'everyday' jobs we used to see in movies??
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