Double Jeopardy (1999)

Libby and Nick Parsons (Ashley Judd and Bruce Greenwood) are happily married with a young son, and after a business party the couple spend the night on a luxury yacht. Libby awakes the next morning, alone, to find blood everywhere and a discarded knife - which she decides to pick up. The coast guard soon appear, and a hysterical Libby is arrested and quickly imprisoned. Soon, the neighbour that was looking after her son doesn't visit or return the calls, and when she finally does track her down -- young Matty calls out ""Daddy"" to a man in the house, who panics and quickly hangs up the phone.
  Destroyed and trapped, Libby must wait 6 years to finish her bogus sentence and listens to advice from a cellmate about the urban myth of ""double jeopardy"" - where someone can't be tried for the same crime twice -- meaning she has free license to kill her ex-husband when she gets out - in broad daylight if needed! Time to hit the gym then...

Our Rating: 9/10
Watchability: 9/10
Contributed By: Jordan Taylor
Tagline: Murder isn't always a crime.

Release Date: 1999-09-24
IMDb icon 6.4/10
  • Country: USA, Germany, Canada
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 145
  • Budget: $70,000,000
  • Revenue: $116,741,558
  • Production: Paramount Pictures

So, how does the movie end??

Libby tracks down Nick to New Orleans using a collector's online database of rare paintings recently purchased, closely followed by her parole officer Travis (Tommy Lee Jones). She steals credit on a posh dress and attends a gala, where she bids on the ""most respectable bachelor"" which happens to be her ex, now under a different name. She wins and confronts Nick, who promises that she will see her son the next day.
  Travis also keeps tabs on the fraudster, but a driving license check on the original name of Nick Parsons shows a different face, so he can't prove they are the same person. His boss tells him to give up the chase and return home.
  Libby follows instructions to a cemetery, and chases a shy boy she believes to be her son. But it is a cruel plan, and Nick knocks her out before hiding the body in some old granny's coffin, in a stone mausoleum. She manages to get out, and walking down the street distraught, she is snatched by Travis.
  Travis returns to Nick's office, and slowly reveals that there were duplicate licenses with his popular name, and finally he saw the proof he needed. Travis tries to bribe Nick - but it is all a trick as Libby enters the room with a gun. They get into a fight, and poor Travis is shot.
  Nick is about to finish off his ex-wife, but Travis regains consciousness and shoots him just in time.

Travis drives Libby to a boarding school to finally meet her 10-yr old son, playing a game of football, who recognises her instantly and says he always knew they would meet again.

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