Entourage (2015)

The boys are back! Vince turns to former agent and now Studio Exec Ari Gold to help him squeeze more money from hard-nosed producers for his directorial debut that is already over budget. Can Vince and Ari get the suits on board with Vince's vision?

Our Rating: 4/10 - not worthy of the big screen
Watchability: 4/10 - for fans of the TV series only
Tagline: Dream Large. Live Larger.

Release Date: 2015-06-03
IMDb icon 6.6/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 144
  • Budget: $30,000,000
  • Revenue: $32,361,416
  • Production: Warner Bros

So, how does the movie end??

Ari watches a cut of Vince's movie 'Hyde' - and loves it.  They send the copy to Travis, the son of the Producer - who wants changes and won't back the extra spend.

Finally they work out that Vince is dating Emily Ratajkowski, and Travis is jealous (they should have made this more obvious that Travis was besotted with Emily).

Ari confronts all the studio execs, makes a fool of Travis, and feedback from others who have seen the movie is positive. The movie will get the money, but Ari will be fired for disrespecting Travis. He resigns, on condition he has a stake in the movie.

Cut to a few months down the line, and the movie has been a huge success. It has 4 Academy Award nominations somehow (we saw a cut of the movie before, it's no Shawshank Redemption!).  Mark Wahlberg announces the winner of Best Supporting Actor - which goes to Johnny Drama! No one can believe it.

Later, Ari gives away his assistant at a wedding. Eric seems to be back together with Sloan now, and their newborn baby. The boys get together for a photo, and Turtle has an idea to make Vince's story into a TV show....

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