The Grey (2012)

A crew of oil rig workers are heading home on a flight from Alaska, when bad weather causing a serious electronic malfunction and the plane crash lands, killing everyone except seven survivors. Yet the crash was just the beginning, and those left behind must contend with more than the cold and hunger if they are to survive, as there are worse things waiting for them in the night...

Our Rating: 4/10
Watchability: 2/10
Tagline: Live or Die on This Day

Release Date: 2012-01-27
IMDb icon 6.8/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English | Spanish
  • Runtime: 157
  • Budget: $25,000,000
  • Revenue: $51,580,136
  • Production: Scott Free Productions

So, how does the movie end??

Ottway, as the resident expert on wolves, advises the team to leave the relative safety of the plane, which should be easy to find for rescue teams, and instead cross over a few miles of arctic terrain to a clump of trees in the distance.

They are gradually picked off by the vicious pack of wolves, who obviously are brighter than dolphins and work together to pick off the slightly weaker ones with lightning pace and mystical vanishing acts.

Ottway and the men trek deeper into the woods, surrounded by the animals. Burke dies peacefully in his sleep leaving 4 behind.

To get away from the dead-end that they thought was a good thing, they send one of the men to jump off a cliff edge and hang onto some trees on the far side. It works surprisingly well, and they make a good rope from a few handkerchiefs. Diaz and Ottway get across, but the rope snaps on the one who was afraid of heights. He crashes into the trees, then falls a great distance onto his back. Within seconds, the wolves they thought were on another mountain are somehow on him, and he's dragged away. Diaz falls, injuring his knee.

They keep trekking, but Diaz can't take any more and asks to be left alone.

Hendrick and Ottway are the only ones left and follow a slow-running stream, without anyone thinking to make a boat - they obviously haven't watched The Edge .... or The River Wild. Or maybe they caught the start of The Poseidon Adventure. It doesn't matter anyway as the wise old wolves are soon chasing them.

Hendrick falls into the river - Ottway jumps after him, but Hendrick's foot is caught under rocks and he drowns.

Ottway is fed up and calls up to God for help. When he doesn't hear anything in a few seconds he gives up and starts wandering again. He finds a clearing and starts to make some modern art out of all the wallets he's been lugging around ... and then realises he's set up shop in the middle of the Den.

The alpha Male stares him down, as Ottway fashions some weapons together with duct tape, a knife and duty free.

Ottway stares back at the Alpha Male as he prepares for battle ... then it all ends.

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