Wanderlust (2012)

When George loses his job and Linda's documentary isn't commissioned by HBO, they need to sell their New York apartment at a loss and move down south to ask a favor from George's wealthy brother -- but on the way they stop at a cheap B&B that will change their outlook on life ... and test their marriage.

Our Rating: 3/10
Watchability: 2/10
Tagline: Leave your baggage behind.

Release Date: 2012-02-24
IMDb icon 5.6/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 138
  • Revenue: $17,225,675
  • Production: Apatow Productions

So, how does the movie end??

Eva tells George that at Elysium they share everything - including partners, and she wants to sleep with him.  When Linda decides to stay, George brings this up but still isn't very sure.  That night Linda jumps into bed with Seth.  George then tries to seduce Eva, but it doesn't quite work out how he planned. He also learns that the job offer wasn't real back in NY and his friend was just having a laugh with him.

Realising that he's lost his car, belongings, wife and everything else to the commune, he wants out. He tells the naked author that his book is terrible, and Seth tells him it is best that he leaves. He starts walking back to Atlanta and his abusive brother.

Meanwhile, Seth falls in love with Linda and wants to run away with her to Miami. He finds the deed for the land and sells it to the developers ... for $11,000, thinking it will buy him a nice pad on South Beach.

George begins working for his brother, and the author keeps in touch - thanking George for his honest feedback, and sending him a new draft. George and his co-worker love it. Soon, while sitting in his brother's house, George gets motivated and wants to win his wife back. His sister-in-law falls apart and tells Rick that she knows about his affairs and wants a divorce. George gets to his feet and steals Rick's beloved car and races over to Elysium.

At Elysium, Seth does not let George pass and jumps into the car. They crash, and Seth gets ready to fight George. The others, who hate violence, cannot help. The little boy tells them that Seth sold the deed. George finally comes good, defeats the bad guy, tells the naked author that his work is really good, and wins back Linda.

Later, we see that Elysium has been saved since the naked author's work becomes an instant best seller and he buys back the land. George and Linda have set up their own publishing house, and have supported others with a little less literary talent such as the Realtor and her blind husband (who thinks she's Afro-American), and Rick's wife who wrote about her unhappy marriage.

Our Comments:

It actually had some laughs near the end!!  Like the price Seth was bribed for the deed (that he thought could buy a nice piece of Miami Real Estate) and something else I've forgotten about ... but still too little too late!

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