Miracle on 34th Street (1994)

Little Susan Walker was told the 'secret' behind Santa Clause by her mother, but is having second thoughts when she speaks to a Department Store Santa who she believes may well be the real thing.  But with a powerful man out to discredit him and a court case to battle through, Kris Kringle is going to need a miracle to convince the State of New York that he is real.

Our Rating: 8/10 - Extra point for the 'We Believe' montage!
Watchability: 8/10
Tagline: Experience the Miracle.

Release Date: 1994-11-18
IMDb icon 6.4/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English | American Sign Language | Dutch | Italian | Russian | Swahili
  • Runtime: 154
  • Revenue: $17,193,886
  • Production: 20th Century Fox

So, how does the movie end??

Bryan does well in court, but he knows it's going to take a miracle to prove that Kris Kringle is indeed Santa Clause. He meets with the Judge, who tells him he regrets taking on the case and would love a way out, but tomorrow he has no choice but to give his judgement.

As he's left alone, Bryan looks at a dollar bill in his hand and his eyes focus on the line 'in God we trust'.

Next day in court, the Judge is about to give his verdict when little Susan Walker walks up to the stand and hands him a Christmas card - with a dollar bill inside, and the line 'in God we trust' circled in red ink. The Judge thinks about this, then smiles.

He announces his verdict - that if the United States can trust and believe in God, who they cannot see, then the State of New York can believe in Santa Clause, who may well be in the courtroom right now in the form of Kris Kringle. Everyone is happy.

The two bad guys are summoned to see their boss who is far from happy.  As they wait in his office we see that they're both wearing 'We Believe' badges, showing that even they were won over by Kris Kringle and his testimony.

Richard Attenborough
Richard Atten...
Kris Kringle
Elizabeth Perkins
Elizabeth Per...
Dorey Walker
Dylan McDermott
Dylan McDermo...
Bryan Bedford
J.T. Walsh
J.T. Walsh
Ed Collins
James Remar
James Remar
Jack Duff
Jane Leeves
Jane Leeves
Alberta Leonard
Simon Jones
Simon Jones
Donald Shellhammer
William Windom
William Windo...
C.F. Cole
Mara Wilson
Mara Wilson
Susan Walker
Robert Prosky
Robert Prosky
Judge Henry Harper
Kathrine Narducci
Kathrine Nard...
Mary McCormack
Mary McCormac...
Myrna Foy
Allison Janney
Allison Janne...
Woman in Christmas Shop
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