Age of Heroes (2012)

A True Story about the formation of an elite fighting force - tasked with a covert op to get into occupied Norway and locate the latest Nazi secret weapon - a radar device that has given the edge to Germany in the battle of the skies. With a working device that they can steal, and a copy of the latest plans, it could turn of the tide in the war for Europe.

Our Rating: 5/10 - Not bad for a Danny Dyer movie!
Watchability: 5/10
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Release Date: 2012-01-17
IMDb icon 5.6/10
  • Country: UK
  • Language: English | Norwegian
  • Runtime: 130
  • Production: Giant Films

So, how does the movie end??

The Commando Unit are shot down over Norway, but make it to the rendezvous with their contact ... who is a woman.  They learn that the real contact is MIA, but the Norwegian resistance on the ground desperately wanted the mission to go ahead, so that was the reason why they lied about various aspects of the mission - including the number of the enemy.  After a little help from a village with provisions, they approach the radar station.

Meanwhile, the enemy German captain is on their path. He finds the village - and shoots all the inhabitants for aiding the soldiers.

The Commando Unit wait until nightfall, then split into three teams.  One team lays explosives on a huge radio mast, another with the engineer expert enter the radar room, while the rest prepare to lay covering fire.  On the signal, the soldiers make their move.

The engineer is in awe of the German technology, and they force him out of the room with the codes and a sample device to take home.  Those on the mast destroy it, but don't do so well and are captured.  The others lay down covering fire and they manage to retreat back to the village, where the Major is told they are on their own and the team back in the UK can't arrange an extraction in time.

They find the dead bodies, but before long the German captain shows up with one of their men. The man is tortured, but doesn't give any answers.  The Commandos can't take it any longer and open fire. They break off in teams again, and know that they each will be tortured until death if captured.

The Major and the training officer protect their escape, but are soon overrun.  They have no choice but to take out grenades and go down in a blaze of glory.

Danny Dyer and the Norwegian are running across open ground when the Norwegian is mortally wounded. Dyer struggles to help him, but the Germans are soon on them ... and he has no more ammo. Bravely, he takes out his commando knife and prepares to slit his own neck ... when the Germans are shot dead.  The radio engineer and the resistance fighter have returned for him.  They help him up and make it to safety.

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