Risky Business (1983)

Joel Goodison (Tom Cruise) is a straight-A student whose parents leave town during his mid-terms. Tempted to out-do his friends, he hires a hooker for the night who soon turns his life upside down. Playing a dangerous game, Joel is caught in a net and must find a small fortune before his parents return from holiday, and turns to the oldest profession in the world to save the day.

Our Rating: 6/10 - Does have a classic cinema scene bundled in there
Watchability: 6/10 - But still not as good as Ferris Bueller though!
Tagline: There's a time for playing it safe and a time for Risky Business.

Release Date: 1983-08-05
IMDb icon 6.8/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English | German
  • Runtime: 139
  • Budget: $6,200,000
  • Revenue: $63,500,000
  • Production: Geffen Company

So, how does the movie end??

Joel can't get rid of Lana and her friend from his parents' house, and she still has his mother's precious crystal egg ornament that she stole before as a security payment.

While on a double date, Lana accidentally knocks the Porsche into gear and Joel can only hang onto the hood as it rolls down a bank and onto a rickety pier. It stops just before falling into the water ... but then the pier collapses.

Faced with a huge repair bill, Joel finds Lana and accepts her business proposition. Joel gets to work recruiting his friends for one big party night, while Lana hires the girls.

On the night of the party, Joel's street is buzzing, and Joel is playing his role as a pimp very well.  A recruiter from Princeton shows up, who for some reason doesn't get what is going down, but it's just a courtesy call as Joel's grades aren't good enough. Joel resigns himself to a second-best college choice.

However ... Lana's friends are quite persuasive, and within a few hours the recruiter has a smile on his face.  Joel is exhausted after a long night, but keeps his promise to take out Lana to the local train station and they ride the tracks until they are the last passengers, and have sex on the journey back home.

Joel has enough cash to fix the Porsche - but when he returns to the family home he finds that it's been stripped bare. Guido wants payment for his girls, and sells all the furniture back to him at an inflated price - taking all of Joel's money.

Joel struggles to get the place looking OK again before his parents get back. They catch a cab from the airport, and arrive back just in time. Joel's father is quite relaxed about it all, but his mother is angry that her precious glass egg has picked up a crack.

Joel is back to work doing his chores. His father finds him in the garden - and tells him that he is proud of him -- he made it into Princeton!

Joel meets Lana one last time before they go their separate ways. He asks if it was all a setup from the beginning, and she doesn't really answer him.  But he still had more fun than if he'd stuck with Vicky!

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So what's your favourite --  Ferris Bueller singing ""Twist and Shout"", or Tom Cruise dancing to ""Old Time Rock and Roll""??

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