Fracture (2007)

Willy Beachum (Gosling) is an attorney who decides to take one last case before moving up the career ladder - an open and shut case where a wealthy structural engineer has shot his wife, and signed a confession.  However the accused, Ted Crawford (Hopkins), has a little trick up his sleeve -- nobody can prove he has even committed a crime.

Our Rating: 7/10 - Would be an 8 if Hopkins didn't have that annoying and terrible Irish accent!
Watchability: 7/10 - One of the better court-room dramas out there
Tagline: I shot my wife...prove it.

Release Date: 2007-04-20
IMDb icon 7.2/10
  • Country: USA, Germany
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 153
  • Revenue: $39,015,018
  • Production: New Line Cinema

So, how does the movie end??

At the hearing, Crawford addresses the court that if no new evidence has been found, then he wants to move for a dismissal.  The Judge looks to Willy, who can't bring himself to plant evidence using his friend. The Judge has no choice but to acquit Crawford and stop proceedings.

Ted taunts DA Joe Lobruto as he leaves. Willy's career is in ruins. Suddenly Willy hears a gun shot and runs to the court steps to see that Lobruto has killed himself. Ted watched the whole thing, and calmly walks away.

Crawford soon takes a court order out against Willy who starts to become a nuisance. Willy desperately tries to get help from Nikki (his girlfriend) with the closed case but instead she leaves him. Willy is also too late to stop Crawford taking his wife off life support.

Willy finally figures it all out and confronts Crawford. Crawford is preparing to leave the country, and gladly admits to his master plan --- He knew his wife was having an affair with the DA. So he went to their hotel room and switched guns. He then used the Detective's gun to shoot his wife. When the DA turned up at the house, he was distracted and the guns were switched. And that's the reason why Ted's gun was never fired.

Crawford knows all about the Double Jeopardy law (which is a grey area) -- until Willy reveals his ace - they can match the bullet in his dead wife with the murder weapon, and it's no longer Double Jeopardy since the first crime was attempted murder - but now that he let his wife die, the charges will be for murder --- and may bring about the death penalty.

Beachum opens the doors on a dumbfounded Crawford to reveal the police waiting outside.

As it ends we're back in court, but this time Ted is not so confident and has surrounded himself with the best lawyers he can buy.

Anthony Hopkins
Anthony Hopki...
Ted Crawford
Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling
Willy Beachum
David Strathairn
David Stratha...
DA Joe Lobruto
Rosamund Pike
Rosamund Pike
Nikki Gardner
Embeth Davidtz
Embeth Davidt...
Jennifer Crawford
Billy Burke
Billy Burke
Lt. Rob Nunally
Cliff Curtis
Cliff Curtis
Detective Flores
Fiona Shaw
Fiona Shaw
Judge Robinson
Bob Gunton
Bob Gunton
Judge Gardner
Josh Stamberg
Josh Stamberg
Norman Foster
Xander Berkeley
Xander Berkel...
Judge Moran
Zoe Kazan
Zoe Kazan
Judith Scott
Judith Scott
Gary Carlos Cervantes
Gary Carlos C...
Petrea Burchard
Petrea Burcha...
Dr. Marion Kang
Our Comments:
Member Comments:

Gustavo J. - "Good run through, except...

You have mistaken District Attorney Lobruto (David Strathairn) with Detective Nunally (Billy Burke).

Crawford's wife had the affair with Nunally, not Labruto. Crawford taunts Nunally in his classily smug acquittal walk out of the court room saying "Rob, take it easy, yeah" or something like.

Nunally is also no friend of Beachum when he offers him the planted gun as a last resort due to lack of new evidence. Nunally also is the one whose gun is switched by Crawford and ruins Beachums initial defense as he withholds the fact that he was intimate with the victim and was present at both of Crawford's confessions (assaulting him at the first one).

Thorough otherwise. Thank you."

JT - "Argh!!! Thank you!! That would make more sense!

What did you think of Hopkins' acting in this one? I don't know, I'm not a fan. In anything since 'The Edge' he just seems to coast through movies.

... And The Edge wasn't his finest hour!"

Gustavo J - "You know, come to think of it he does coast a bit through his later movies. I think we are inclined to perceive it because of the sophisticated persona he contributes to the types of characters he has picked up. Although, Silence of The Lambs and Hannibal were the most energetic and poetic.
The Edge was pretty decent conviction for a pretty resourceful and wealthy mogul, in which he reminds us that even they, are human."

Leona Combs - "I really liked Fracture movie and watched it many times. It drove me crazy because I didn't like the ending, didn't understand it. I always like Hopkins movies and Gosling too. I want to read the book if there is one, it would probably answer all my questions...too many. But Thanks anyway!"

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