Lockout (2012)

""The year is 2079. A man is wrongly convicted of conspiracy to commit espionage against the U.S. He's offered his freedom if he can rescue the president's daughter from an outer space prison taken over by violent inmates.""

Our Rating: 5/10 - It's Die Hard in Space ... just not as good
Watchability: 6/10 - Harmless popcorn fun, but Pearce's character is quickly irritating
Tagline: Take no prisoners.

Release Date: 2012-04-13
IMDb icon 6.1/10
  • Country: France
  • Language: English | Ukrainian
  • Runtime: 135
  • Budget: $20,000,000
  • Revenue: $14,326,864
  • Production: EuropaCorp

So, how does the movie end??

Snow rescues Emilie from a sealed room just as her oxygen runs out. Following advice from Shaw, and a handy medical kit he managed to take along, he gives her a shot (through the eyeball!) to bring her back. They escape through the vents just as Alex, the leader of the prisoners, breaks through the door. They chase the good guys, but again Snow has somehow managed to bring along an assortment of explosives that he lays to cover their tracks.

Snow patches up Emilie and sets her on the way to an escape pod with a sat-nav, until Alex uses the ship's PA to give details of Emilie to the inmates - and that she is their meal ticket out of there. Snow reluctantly lets her tag along - but first gives her a new hairstyle so she can blend in.

They make their way to Mace's pod - but he has vanished. They are set upon by a gang, and manage to shoot their way out. They luckily meet up with Mace - who is suffering from dementia brought about by the stasis. He's unable to tell Snow where he hid the case. Suddenly their reunion is ended when the International Space Station crashes into MS1. Mace is locked in a pressurised room and cannot escape - but he manages to yell some random words to Emilie.

Snow leads Emilie to the escape pod and lies about a second pod so she'll leave. He watches it shoot off into space and lights a cigarette - until Emilie catches him out. In return for help to rescue the hostages, she'll tell him the whereabouts of the case.

Meanwhile, crazy Hydell gets onto the PA and tells Emilie that unless she returns to him he'll shoot a hostage every 3 seconds. She responds over the intercom that she's on level 3 against Snow's wishes. Hydell shoots everyone in the room anyway. Soon Alex and his men have cornered the two in a hidden medical room full of long dead deep-space test subjects. Snow is shot and falls down the elevator shaft. Emilie is taken hostage, where she is used to barter for the prisoner's freedom.

MS1 is still falling to earth, and threatening the lives of millions of civilians. Langral revokes the privileges of the President as his judgement is compromised, and takes charge - sending in the Marines on spaceships to blow the prison block out of space. Shaw manages to get Snow up and moving about on a secure communication.

Hydell wants his way with Emilie -- and when Alex refuses he stabs his older brother, and then takes out his team. He turns on Emilie but Snow turns up just in time and knocks him out. Meanwhile one of the ships has beaten the defences and drops a bomb.

Without much time to get out, Snow and Emilie follow Shaw's advice and run away from the other prisoners to get to a secure airlock where they jump into flysuits, and then strap on spacesuits.  With seconds to spare they jump out of the airlock, and plummet to earth (rather than just float into space, as you would expect). MS1 erupts behind them, pushing them faster into earth's atmosphere.

Emilie is knocked out. Snow manages to release both of their spacesuits, and then pulls open the parachute just in time. They land in the middle of a freeway, as the cops show up to take them away.

Shaw is questioned by Langrel again. Meanwhile Emilie manages to escape from hospital, and with her new disguise is on the detective trail. She follows Mace's clues to Union St Station, uses the code he gave to unlock the locker and retrieve the briefcase, then has a look for herself at the location of the shooting.

She brings the briefcase to Snow's interrogation room. Shaw happily opens it - only to find that it's empty, and in doing so has incriminated himself as no one else knew the code. He is arrested by Langrel, but not before Snow can use his lighter to burn him in the eye.

Snow makes his way outside, but can't light his cigarette. He takes apart the lighter that was given to him by the Colonel before, and discovers a hidden chip. Emilie has been waiting for him. We find out his first name is Marion - and they plan their first date.

Guy Pearce
Guy Pearce
Maggie Grace
Maggie Grace
Emilie Warnock
Vincent Regan
Vincent Regan
Joseph Gilgun
Joseph Gilgun
Lennie James
Lennie James
Harry Shaw
Peter Stormare
Peter Stormar...
Scott Langral
Jacky Ido
Jacky Ido
Tim Plester
Tim Plester
John James Mace
Anne-Solenne Hatte
Peter Hudson
Peter Hudson
President Warnock
Nick Hardin
Nick Hardin
Hostage Negotiator
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