Man on a Ledge (2012)

""An NYPD hostage negotiator (Elizabeth Banks) attempts to talk cop-turned-fugitive Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) down from a high ledge, but she learns that he may have a hidden motive for threatening to take his own life. A pricelss diamond has been stolen, and the thieves responsible are using Nick as their scapegoat. An escaped convict with nowhere to run, Nick realizes that no one will believe he is innocent, and he decides to take extreme measures in order to expose the men who set him up. Stepping out on a ledge 25 stories above the bustling concrete streets of New York City, the notorious fugitive quickly becomes a media sensation as the entire world watches, awaiting his next move. Meanwhile, Nick's loyal brother races to help clear his sibling's name and ensure that the guilty pay for their crimes before the situation ends in tragedy.""

Our Rating: 6/10 - has a few weird plot holes, but generally good if you switch your brain off for 2 hrs
Watchability: 7/10 - Different from your usual heist movie
Tagline: You can only push an innocent man so far.

Release Date: 2012-01-27
IMDb icon 6.6/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English | Spanish
  • Runtime: 142
  • Budget: $42,000,000
  • Revenue: $18,620,000
  • Production: Summit Entertainment

So, how does the movie end??

Lydia the hostage negotiator believes Nick, and even decides to get outside to show her support and stop SWAT swooping down. Soon enough she leaves and her partner is tricked by Nick's old partner, who locks them out and tries to talk to his old friend - but Nick doesn't trust him.

The corrupt cop -- and Smoke Monster from Lost - is told by Englander (what a surname -- talk about pointing out the obvious that all bad guys in movies are English!) to take down Nick.  Sensing his opportunity now that Lydia is out the room, SWAT swoop down. Nick jumps into the arms of one of the guys, then dances around the building and leads a chase through the hotel.

The Smoke Monster has told his men that Nick has an explosive trigger, so they must shoot to kill. In the chase, Nick is handed the stolen diamond from the concierge we met before.

Nick manages to get to the roof but is soon surrounded. Lydia shows up to save him, but is escorted away.

Englander is next to show up -- with Nick's little brother and brother's girlfriend as hostages. They want an exchange for the diamond ... and Nick gives in.  Englander, like all the best and most inept bad guys, leaves the scene before he can see Nick die and ""will just assume everything will go according to plan"" Dr.Evil style.

Meanwhile Lydia has overpowered the SWAT team member in the lift, and gets back to the roof to help them out.

Nick's old partner shows up just in time and takes a few shots at the corrupt cop, but he's wearing a vest. The cop returns fire, and Nick's partner is hurt bad. As he is dying, he apologizes to Nick - he was 'in' on the plan, but never knew that Nick would be the scapegoat. Lydia shows up just in time to take out the corrupt cop who is about to pull the trigger on them all.

Nick can only look from the roof at Englander walking towards his limo, about to get away with it all. So he takes a few deep breaths, runs along the ledge and jumps. The crowd gasp. Nick lands squarely on the large bouncy castle set up ... and then none the worse for wear it seems, bounces off, casually walks out through the crowd and few hundred cops, and grabs Englander. He beats him and then takes back the diamond.

Rather than acting all innocent and claiming it was planted, which any court would probably believe, Englander just gives up and pulls a gun.  A crazy dude from the crowd rushes out to protect Nick, his new hero, and the cops arrest Englander.

A little later, Nick is released from prison and taken to a local bar by Lydia. They are served by the hotel concierge -- who is Nick's father. Nick's little brother then tells the bar to be quiet and proposes to his girlfriend (with a nice diamond ring taken from the vault before), who fights back the tears to say 'yes'.

Sam Worthington
Sam Worthingt...
Nick Cassidy
Mandy Gonzalez
Mandy Gonzale...
William Sadler
William Sadle...
J. Smith-Cameron
J. Smith-Came...
Anthony Mackie
Anthony Macki...
Mike Ackerman
Patrick Collins
Patrick Colli...
Father Leo
Jamie Bell
Jamie Bell
Joey Cassidy
Genesis Rodriguez
Genesis Rodri...
Afton Williamson
Afton William...
Janice Ackerman
Robert Clohessy
Robert Clohes...
Prison Guard
Joe Lisi
Joe Lisi
Desk Sergeant
Candice McKoy
Candice McKoy
Cop - Bullhorn
Edward Burns
Edward Burns
Jack Dougherty
Johnny Solo
Johnny Solo
Cop - Room
Our Comments:

So Nick Cassidy carefully wipes down the apartment to hide his fingerprints ... then picks up a pen to write his suicide letter and leaves it behind, then fumbles all around the window and plants his hands everywhere to get inside --- and the cops couldn't find a single print??

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