The Dark Knight Rises (2012)

The much awaited ending to an epic Batman series by Nolan. From how the Batman comes into being in 'Batman Begins' and how he rises before he falls to become 'The Dark Knight' to finally end it all in this plot.

Following 8 years of self imposed exile, the Dark Knight returns to an unexpected reception by Gotham's police force drawing all of Gotham's attention from the disaster that is to befall them. Bane, an ex-commissioned warrior from the League of Shadows, is here at Gotham to fulfill Ra's Al Ghul's dream of destroying Gotham.

How Batman rises from the status of a Dark Knight to face his own fears whilst fighting for a better reputation amidst his own folks and finally overcome all barriers on the path to redemption.

Our Rating: 6/10 - Editing and sound quality really let this one down
Watchability: 5/10 - Lacks the quality of The Dark Knight, and needs more scenes like the first Bike chase through the city streets
Contributed By: Arun Ravi
Contributor's Rating: 7/10
Tagline: A Fire Will Rise.

Release Date: 2012-07-20
IMDb icon 8.4/10
  • Country: UK, USA
  • Language: English | Arabic
  • Runtime: 244
  • Budget: $250,000,000
  • Revenue: $448,139,099
  • Production: Warner Bros.

So, how does the movie end??

With the Nuclear Bomb activated, the city of Gotham is condemned to doom especially with Batman broken by Bane and exiled. The city's entire police force ends up in the sewers locked up, leaving just a handful of Gordon's men on top.

Batman escapes the prison to return to Gotham where he finds an ally in the Catwoman. With his new gizmo 'The Bat' and Cat on the Batcycle, they're up against his re-engineered Batmobiles from the Bane front. With only 12 hours to go to save the city, the city is led to war by freeing the Police force from the sewers against the criminals backed by Bane.
Batman and Bane engage in man-to-man combat with Bane still proving to be more powerful, but Batman, knowing Bane's weakness, takes advantage only to fall into something no-one was expecting - Bane was just the instrument, Miranda/Talia is the source!

(Miranda the philanthropic rich lady is in fact Ras Al Ghul's daughter, and the one who was born in the prison and the only one previously who escaped. She was helped by Bane, who was badly beaten for aiding her escape. The mercenary, Ras Al Ghul, returns and takes pity on Bane, recruiting him to the League of Shadows ... before soon banishing him for being too extremist)

Talia's plan to detonate the city is foiled by Gordon with Batman's help, but the city still is in danger as the nuclear core has to reach the reactor to stabilize. The CatWoman, in some thrilling chase of the nuclear bomb, helps Batman stop Talia but to no avail. Talia floods the nuclear base leaving Batman with no option but to take the bomb far into the sea, away from city's harm!

In what would be a more commercial end to things, the film shows an end to the Batman saga, only to see how John Blake a.k.a Robin discovers Batman's secret hideouts, Gotham rebuilds itself from the ashes and lastly, how Alfred's dream comes true...

(As it ends, we're in Florence where Alfred is taking his annual vacation. He sits at his usual table and orders a drink. As he looks around he sees a familiar - Bruce Wayne, sitting at a table with Selena Kyle, who raises his glass to his old friend. Alfred, in relief, gets up and leaves in peace.)

Our Comments:

AR - 'Batman Begins' laid the foundation and 'The Dark Knight' was pure work of art. This one, being slightly more commercial in its plot, still does justice to the wrap up the epic series without much let down and that is indeed a very great accomplishment. To do a sequel to a movie like 'The Dark Knight' is virtually impossible, and the movie might have just scraped through!

JT -- As everyone predicted, they've cleaned up Bane's vocals for Blu-Ray/DVD and HD by turning down the bass and ranking up the treble.  Good news -- we can hear what he says now.  Bad news, it does make him sound like a little girl ... !

Member Comments:

JT - "So, just wondering ... how does Bane eat???"

Hmurveit - "what is bruce wayne alive at the end or was that just alfred's imagination?"

JT - "Near the end Fox's assistant mentions that Bruce fixed a software patch on the Bat's autopilot a few months back - so we're meant to think that he managed to jump out into the sea, even though we can't see him do that, then swim pretty quickly to avoid the huge nuclear blast, then get bored of the whole Bat thing and meet up with Selina Kyle sometime later for tea and crumpets."

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