Passenger 57 (1992)

A convicted felon is being transported on a passenger airline jet, yet soon manages to seize control of the plan with the help of his terrorist buddies ... and Liz Hurley. Unluckily, they've found themselves on the same plane as one John Cutter (Wesley Snipes) - an airline anti-terrorism security expert and champion kickboxer ... who is Passenger number 57.

Our Rating: 4/10
Watchability: 6/10
Contributed By: RRJ
Contributor's Rating: 4/10 - 'Not exactly Die Hard!
Tagline: He's an ex-cop with a bad mouth, a bad attitude, and a bad seat. For the terrorists on flight 163 . . . he's very bad news.

Release Date: 1992-11-06
IMDb icon 5.8/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 124
  • Budget: $15,000,000
  • Revenue: $44,065,653
  • Production: Warner Bros.

So, how does the movie end??

Cutter sabotages the fuel line, causing the plane to land in a small-town airport runway.

Rane, creepy Vincent and the posh hijacker dude with glasses escape from the plane with the other hostages. Cutter knows something is up. He knocks out his police escort (who picked him up when he jumped out earlier), grabs a police bike and immediately rides over to the nearby fairground assuming that's where they'll be heading.

Rane leads Cutter into a trap, but the glasses dude is a bad shot and kills a clown instead. They chase Cutter onto a ferris wheel -- but Cutter manages to kick the glasses man down to his death. Rane is soon surrounded by the cops, but Vincent gets away.

Rane demands to be released or his terrorists still on the plane will execute the remaining hostages. The Feds agree to let Rane back onboard, as they think they have a plan.

They get sharpshooters up on the roof and Rane is taken to the plane ... but suddenly we find out that Vincent has taken on the role of sniper and kills the Fed bodyguards. Rane gets back onto the plane and tells the pilots to take off.

Cutter hitches a ride from Delvecchio and Biggs (the Sheriff), and jumps onto the wheel of the plane as it's about to take off. Shivering a little he sneaks into the underbelly of the plane and disturbs the tough bouncer-style hijacker. He picks another fight, kicks him around a little, then uses a golf-club to smack him in the crotch a few times, then runs him over with the luggage crate.

Cutter opens a hatch to the cockpit and tells the pilot to turn around. Rane orders Liz Hurley to find out what is going on - but Cutter knocks her out soon enough. To be honest it's a relief, she really is terrible in this movie.

Now we just have Rane left.  Rane grabs the stewardess to use as a human shield and takes a shot at Cutter, missing and blowing out one of the windows. They fight as the cabin depressurizes and finally the hole gets bigger. Cutter and Rane find themselves near the disappearing window seats and Rane is about to fall out. He grabs onto Cutter's arm. Cutter smacks him in the crotch, again, repeatedly. It doesn't have any effect ... for some reason. Instead he punches him in the face, and Rane falls Die-Hard style down to earth.

The old Grandma leads the passengers in a weird moment to congratulate Wesley Snipes as 'the man' with a load of grunts.

The plane lands soon enough back on the small town runway.

Just before it ends, Cutter escorts Marti the stewardess off the plane and demands a holiday and a raise from Delvechio. Meanwhile the last remaining bad guy, Liz Hurley, is bundled back into the back of a squad car.

Delvechio is forced to talk to the press while Cutter and his girl Marti walk 5 miles to the nearest town with fireworks shooting off behind them.

Wesley Snipes
Wesley Snipes
John Cutter
Bruce Payne
Bruce Payne
Charles Rane
Tom Sizemore
Tom Sizemore
Sly Delvecchio
Bruce Greenwood
Bruce Greenwo...
Stuart Ramsey
Robert Hooks
Robert Hooks
Dwight Henderson
Elizabeth Hurley
Elizabeth Hur...
Sabrina Ritchie
Michael Horse
Michael Horse
Marc Macaulay
Marc Macaulay
Ernie Lively
Ernie Lively
Chief Biggs
William Edward Roberts
William Edwar...
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