Bolt (2008)

Bolt is the star of his own TV show, but to get the best of his acting ability the Director and crew have engineered it so that Bolt believes he has super powers and his owner, Penny, really is in danger from the evil Dr. Calico. To make the show less predictable, they decide that Bolt should not not save the day this time, but is instead taken back to his trailer alone. He manages to escape, and after falling into a shipment box, he wakes up in New York City. With the help of a street-cat called Mittens, that he takes prisoner, a waffle map, and a Hamster fanboy called Rhino, the team travel across America to reunite Bolt with 'his person'.

Our Rating: 5/10 - Ruined by the complete 'fake' first sequence
Watchability: 5/10 - Only for the pigeon scenes!
Contributed By: JT
Tagline: Fully Awesome. Ridonculous. Let It Begin!

Release Date: 2008-11-21
IMDb icon 6.9/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 136
  • Budget: $150,000,000
  • Revenue: $114,053,579
  • Production: Walt Disney

So, how does the movie end??

The team make it to Las Vegas and Mittens thinks they have it made. She tries to convince Bolt that his Hollywood life is fake, and he shouldn't trust humans after she was once left on the streets, but Bolt won't have it and he leaves alone.

Rhino is shocked to hear Bolt has had to go it alone -- he knows that every hero needs a team, and Mittens suddenly needs little talking round and they're off after Bolt.

Bolt makes it to the Hollywood sign, and meets 3 pigeons who pitch him a new idea for the show - ALIENS! Bolt hears them out as they lead him to the studios.

Bolt hears Penny and rushes inside -- only to see that she is acting and is already with another dog. He leaves, heart-broken.

Mittens arrives just in time for the end of the scene, where she overhears Penny's true feelings that she misses Bolt.

She races after Bolt and tells him that he was right all along.

Meanwhile, Penny is shooting the finale of the show with an elaborate volcano set, when the fake Bolt gets scared and knocks over a few hefty candles. The place begins to burn - and Penny is still in a harness suspended from the ceiling. She drops to the floor, but is lost in the smoke. The crew are running off the set, and have somehow forgotten all about her.

Bolt can hear her cries for help. They race back to the burning building. Rhino keeps the door open as Bolt slides inside. He finds Penny and drags her to an air vent. He can squeeze through to safety, but refuses to leave her behind. With one last attempt, he tries his ""super bark"" before the smoke overcomes them.

Outside they can hear him through the amplified vent, and firemen break through the wall to rescue Penny and little Bolt. They are taken to an ambulance - the Agent tells them that it'll make a great story, but is kicked to the ground by Penny's mother - and told they quit.

A little later -- the TV show is back filming. Due to ""extensive injuries"" and to hide from Dr Calico, Penny is given a face transplant (and voice transplant so she actually sounds like a little girl now) - but Calico is the surgeon. Just as he is about to grab her he is picked up by ... Aliens!

At that moment Rhino switches off the tv. Penny, with all her millions from the show, has thriftly bought a tiny shack of a house in the middle of nowhere and adopted the three pets. They run outside for some fun and games with an old tyre. Ridonculous.

Random Notes!
Wait wait wait .... 'BoltNULL, the TV show within the movie, is meant to be aimed at 18-34 yr olds??!? And they're only switching channels because the dog wins in the end?? I need to get a job as a TV executive.
Our Comments:

Ok, I don't want to be cruel, but casting Miley Cyrus (who has a deeper voice than most old men) to voice a young girl, who isn't a chain smoker, was a little weird.  Also a little strange to have a John Travolta voiceover in a Disney movie ... but on saying that whoever cast all the voices of the pigeons pulled off a masterstroke.  And, yes, I saw the DVD extra about the poor substitute actor who was finally (finally - like the last day, poor guy) given the official job to voice Rhino.  He should have sued them for emotional turmoil.  And he saved them a lot of cash too - even though this one still lost Disney a cool $50million!  Should stick to the fairytale stories in future.

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