Last Man Standing (1996)

John Smith (Bruce Willis) is a loner without a conscience who enters Jericho, a backwater Texan town 50 miles from the border, and immediately gets into trouble after a careless glance towards a local gang leader's girl (Felina - Karina Lombard). With two gangs in town, the Irish led by Doyle and the Italians under the control of Strozzi, Smith decides to play them off against each other to make a bit of money - but he doesn't count on things soon getting personal...

Our Rating: 8/10 - Great fun!
Watchability: 9/10 - Almost as good as Die Hard!
Contributed By: WB
Tagline: There are two sides to every war. And John Smith is on both of them.

Release Date: 1996-09-20
IMDb icon 6.4/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English | Spanish
  • Runtime: 141
  • Budget: $67,000,000
  • Revenue: $17,600,000
  • Production: New Line Cinema

So, how does the movie end??

Back in Jericho, Big Bob from Scrubs is a Texas Ranger and arrives in town to warn Smith and the Sheriff that he is investigating the murder of the border cop. He will return with more Rangers - and will tolerate one gang in the town, but not two. And he wants Smith to be gone.

Hickey returns - and offers a deal to Strozzi -- $100 grand and the trucks for Giorgio. At the drop-off Strozzi pulls a fast one - he has kidnapped Doyle's girl. They swap Giorgio for Felina as Smith looks on.  It's war!

Strozzi's girl meets with Smith - she has been beaten around and disfigured for answering back, and telling her boyfriend about them. Smith falls for her story, and gives her $500 to get the next bus out of town.

Now, Smith accepts Doyle's offer - but wants $1000 up front. He asks about the girl - and tells Doyle that Strozzi has more trigger men arriving in town that night.

Doyle sends his new man to their own hideout in the desert.

Smith arrives. The place is heavily guarded. He steps in through the front door. Immediately Doyle's men know something is up. Smith opens fire. He kills every last one of them.

Smith puts Felina in a car, and tells her to flee across the border. She gives John her cross. Smith knows he should leave, but instead he waits at the hideout to deliver the bad news to Doyle. Doyle arrives the next morning, and believes his story that Felina was taken. He is devastated. But Hickey is on to him.

Smith returns to Jericho, and takes a bath. Hickey drops by - someone had seen Felina over the border, where she had sold the car. In the room, they find her cross.

Smith is taken to a basement over at Doyle's and beaten badly, but he doesn't talk.

The next day two goons return - but Smith is missing. Suddenly he jumps out from a metal cabinet, and using the smaller man as a shield pumps about a dozen bullets into the bigger dude. He escapes. Doyle's men try to find him. First he hides out in the saloon, in the walls behind slabs of ice.

He relays some intel to the Sheriff. The Sheriff tells Doyle that Smith is at Slim's Roadhouse in the desert, but knowing really that the Italians are hiding there.

The Irish gang turn up. It's a massacre. Strozzi and Giorgio are the last two to be killed. The building is burned, and they assume that Smith has died inside.

Smith returns to the abandoned church to heal. Joe brings him food and bandages everyday, but soon enough the Irish catch onto this. Joe is taken and beaten.

The Sheriff finds Smith and tells him about Joe. Hickey and Doyle are in Mexico, still looking for Felina. John takes the Sheriff's gun, and heads off to Strozzi's old hotel - where Joe is kept.

First he picks up his lucky hat - and stops by the window of the Undertaker's - one of his few friends in town!

Smith storms in to the hotel. Bad guys are blown away like they're on bungee ropes with the force of each gunshot. John follows Finn, one of Doyle's better men, to an upstairs room -- inside is Joe, tied up. Joe motions with his eyes - and Smith shoots through a cabinet dresser. Finn falls out, dead.

Smith has been shot - but just the once. He pours some whiskey on his wound. He leaves a tommy gun against the door as a message for Hickey, and tells the Sheriff that he'll be at Slim's Roadhouse waiting. Everyone is leaving town - the Sheriff to Houston, and even the Undertaker is getting away while he can!

Smith and Joe wait at the burnt-out building. Next morning Doyle, Hickey and another man show (might be the mute Sheriff's assistant who hasn't featured for a while). Joe hides. Doyle wants a truce. He is lovesick - and just wants to find his girl. Joe jumps out and shoots him dead in retaliation for ruining his town. The other man raises his rifle, so Smith fires a few rounds into his body. Hickey drops his tommy gun. He walks away - he doesn't want to die in Texas. He asks Smith if he would shoot an unarmed man in the back. Smith tells him he's done a lot worse.

Hickey pulls out a gun and turns - but Smith shoots him in the head.

Smith takes the cross from Doyle's lifeless hand, gets in the car, and leaves to continue his journey.

Bruce Willis
Bruce Willis
John Smith
Bruce Dern
Bruce Dern
Sheriff Ed Galt
William Sanderson
William Sande...
Joe Monday
Christopher Walken
Christopher W...
David Patrick Kelly
David Patrick...
Karina Lombard
Karina Lombar...
Ned Eisenberg
Ned Eisenberg
Fredo Strozzi
Alexandra Powers
Alexandra Pow...
Lucy Kolinski
Michael Imperioli
Michael Imper...
Giorgio Carmonte
Ken Jenkins
Ken Jenkins
Capt. Tom Pickett
R.D. Call
R.D. Call
Jack McCool
Ted Markland
Ted Markland
Deputy Bob
Leslie Mann
Leslie Mann
Patrick Kilpatrick
Patrick Kilpa...
Luis Contreras
Luis Contrera...
Comandante Ramirez
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