Last Night (2011)

The movie magnifies the subject of infidelity through a couple, supposedly happily married, but when faced with a situation of doubt, troubled to the extent of opening and exploring the option of infidelity (conscious or not) before choosing to close it permanently.

Joanna Reed by Keira Knightly and Michael Reed by Sam Worthington are the mainstay characters in the plot, with Laura (Eva Mendes) and Alex (Guillaume Canet) being the instruments of the subject of temptation of infidelity, thus portrayed.

Contributed By: Arun Ravi
Contributor's Rating: 7/10 - pretty simple movie, with no twists, no biggies, just plain and going
Tagline: Temptation can lead anywhere.

Release Date: 2011-06-03
IMDb icon 6.6/10
  • Country: USA, France
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 133
  • Revenue: $98,986
  • Production: Nick Wechsler Productions

So, how does the movie end??

The story ends with Michael, who just succumbed to his emotions the previous night and did the one thing he thought he never wanted to do(infidelity), dropping short his business schedule to return to his wife, who at the other end is confused and lost over the recent happenings.

Michael reaches home early to find Joanna crying by the window sill; Joanna wonders why Michael returned earlier than scheduled, when especially his presentation was supposed to be that day. They apologize to each other for their fight earlier, and Michael proposes to make a start towards a better day with a great lunch. As Joanna accepts to this, the dog barks out loud for a walk outside, Michael proposes to take the dog out.

Joanna steps out of the window sill to make her way towards the bedroom when Michael grabs hold of her, asking her if everything was alright, hugs her with an 'I Love You' but notices a couple of things - the shoes she wore the previous night, and the make up on her face. The film cuts to black with an expression from Joanna such as to escape the situation of being confronted.

Our Comments:

AR - ""The ending leaves a lot to the viewer, but few things seem quite evident. The one thing that I thought was sure thing - both of them suspect things were not quite the usual with the other, yet were quite determined to help ease the situation by trying to be normal and more importantly, to hide their instances of infidelity (or degrees of it).

The plot is more about how a situation of infidelity develops in a marriage rather than how infidelity affects a marriage.""

Member Comments:

TH - "I would argue the latter: that the plot is more about how infidelity affects a marriage rather than how a situation of infidelity develops in a marriage...that's why this movie was great...excellent minimalist and real time acting and real world situations and passions & temptations..."

Arun Ravi - "I'm not quite sure I'd agree, coz, that's exactly where the story stops! We know and see how infidelity develops, but we don't quite know yet how it affects the marriage.."

TH - "Great comment on this, agree 100%!!!
Read it here:"

Tili - "It's about how when people are married they are faced with temptations and how men and women fight it in different ways, in this film the man is weaker and gives in when tempted. And most importantly how a marriage can survive even after infidelity...."

CJ - "what an ending! Was this a cop-out? - I wanted to know how last night affected their marriage, instead of given the most subtle, ambigious clue, leaving it too open to the viewer. The guys who make the film and dedicate themselves to it, the writers, directors and actors, they know the story better than the audience, they live it. So I felt they could have given a little more at the end. Not necessarily a neatly tied up ending, but this was the opposite extreme - it's entirely left to the viewers interpretation. the marriage could go either way. What was beautiful about the film for the first 99%, that the characters are walking right on the line the whole time, even when they both cross it(!) becomes a problem at the end when the consequences are left untold. So was it a cop-out, or were the issues the film makers were dealing with too deep to come close to any resolution?"

Arun Ravi - "Hmm.. you're about right.. my guess, it's too much to take on that subject at the very end of the movie.. they'd probably have to make part two for that!! Kidding! To me, it seemed like they were going to stay put in the marriage, but you can easily take the story the other direction too..!"

Teress - "She doesn't say "I love you" back to him in the end. To me that's the biggest give away of where its headed."

Michael - 'i am glad she didn't say "I love you" back. So many people say it without emotion or feeling making those words meaningless. She showed more poise, conviction and true feelings but not saying a word.

She did return the hug though, so IMO not all is lost"

Ragnar Danneskjold - "for what's it worth (and it's quite worthless) I think there's a couple of things that make me believe it doesn't end well for them. I believe 1) she did not reply to the 'I love you' 2) I think she was crying because of her conflicted emotions and come to the realization that she loved her prior boyfriend much more than she had admitted to herself 3) as she is returning his hug she doesn't fully embrace him and releases without fully returning his hug balling up a fist in doing so 4) the final nail in his coffin: A split second before the cut-away ending she is about to say something with a sigh of resignation. That's my two cents worth...."

Ian - "usually I hate cliff hanger endings but this one is actually acceptable. I think it was great that they left an ending like that since it is up to the viewers to interpret. If it was you and your spouse what would you do? It all comes down to whether you want to fix the marriage or have a divorce and move on with your life. This is base on you putting yourself in their situation."

ggeseg - "Can a man take fire in his bosom And his clothes not be burned?
Or can a man walk on hot coals And his feet not be scorched?
Oldest proverbs. Don't play with fire, they both played with fire. The marriage will probably end, because like most ppl-she will make the mistake of believing the grass is greener on the other side and use his cheating as reason to leave. Though she has many other options-she will be blinded by her conflicted feelings....and he contributed to her decision. He had many opportunities to walk away and he didn't. A regret he will have to live with and be tortured by. And she will not live happily ever after with the other guy, because she will run into his arms during an unstable time in her marriage/divorce. And sometimes the grass ONLY looks greener on the other side because of the view from which one is standing."

Alleycat89 - "Great ending, we are so used to everything being clearly defined at the end of a film, I'm glad the director left it open to the viewers own interpretation. You can decide based on your own personal experience what would have been the most likely outcome for Joanna and Michael's relationship. One thing for sure is that any trust either one of them had has been seriously affected by the events of Last Night."

BPP - "ggeseg, I think the marriage should end because HE thinks the grass is greener on the other side, not her. He is the one who cheated; she resisted the temptation in spite of the doubt he raised in her mind and the comfort she could have obtained from Alex in a vulnerable time. I believe if it is in the character to cheat once it will happen again. I believe she could sense that he cheated and that's why she did not say she loved him in the end. I sensed when I was cheated on and when I had proof I left him. Eventually, I married a man who has never cheated (married 30 years now). I have never regretted leaving that dirtbag and guess what, the grass CAN be greener on the other side."

Nancy - "Michael's cheat was a scratch to an itch. And although it was the first time he scratched, it wasn't his first itch. Most likely he'll never be with Eva's character again. Joanna's feelings have lasted years: she replays Frenchman when she can't sleep; never tired of him; feelings still strong/not changed; stops herself from contacting him. Michael's indiscretion is overt; Joanna's is covert. Will they stay together? No. When in bed after the fight, Joanna laughed at Michael saying their relationship better than when first met. Told us she didn't? Michael had sex the day after they fought. Joanna didn't say I love you back; may have caught his lie as she did before. Michael noticed the shoes, the makeup, and the nice bra/panties used for special occasions as going to the office party she was in white cotton. Married Michael on rebound? Frenchman ignored her, back together and married within the year. I thought it was a great movie which allowed you to draw you own conclusions."

Nancy - "Also, the Director gives us a clue on where Joanna's heart is as she's walking back home the next morning by choosing to use Peter Broderick's song Not at Home. Loved this movie!"

Michelle McKinney - "Good ending. The only realistic way it could have ended. Marriages are SO often like this. Marriage and life is just not that black and white. It can get messy. Whether they remain together or not is probably inconsequential. The point is, once you go down this road, you can never really turn back."

Anna - "I fell in love with this movie. The faces and body language between people which says more than words. I loved the chemistry between Alex and Joanna. Resonated with me. Even though she had deep feelings for Alex she never cheated on him because she trusted that Michael wasn't cheating himself which turns out he did which he immediately regrets.

At dinner Alex friend suggests that people don't change hinting that Alex was better single, but in the end you see Alex crying over Joanna knowing he'll never have her again. Also Michael says I love you to Joanna four times, and 1 out of four she says it back. It's clear that her heart was still with Alex, and that's the one she really wanted to be with."

Abinash Subba - "Girls should know that if you get a chance to choose 1st love or a second love then you must choose the second one because if u really was in love with the first one then you never had fallen to the second one ."
Sajib - "I agree with Abinash Subba.Your thinking is perfect.I like this movie because of Acting, Body Languages, Story everything is good."

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