The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

Politician David Norris (Matt Damon) bumps into the girl of his dreams, Elise (Emily Blunt), while rehearsing an inspiring speech in the Gents, and instantly they have a connection.  Using her advice, he takes the speech off track and tries a bit of honesty.  The public love it.  A little while later they cross paths again and David takes her number ... but a group of ""angels"" from the Adjustment Bureau have set up shop in his office and interfered with his adviser's thought process.  David arrives at the office early, and takes a peak behind the curtain of life.  The members of the Bureau level with him, and warn him that his life will never be fulfilled if he chases after Elise.  Will he listen to them?

Our Rating: 6/10
Watchability: 5/10
Contributed By: JT
Tagline: They stole his future. Now he's taking it back.

Release Date: 2011-03-04
IMDb icon 7.1/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 146
  • Budget: $50,200,000
  • Revenue: Cumulative Worldwide $127,869,379, 26 May 2011
  • Production: Universal Pictures

So, how does the movie end??

Despite the warnings, David can't keep away from Elise.  Big bad Thompson is called in to put an end to it. He warns David that his future is as the President, while Elise will become a world class dancer and they both don't need the distractions.  At her rendition he uses his power so that Elise falls and sprains her ankle.  David sees how much dancing means to her, so he leaves her in the hospital and walks out of her life.

Almost a year later, his campaign is back on track and going well - but he sees a wedding announcement in the paper that Elise is to marry her ex-boyfriend.  Harry shows up again, feeling guilty, and teaches David to use the power of 'the hat' to walk through doors. David plans his route. He gets to the courthouse in time to stop Elise, and together they make a run for it.  At the Statue of Liberty, they decide to put an end to it and see The Chairman.

They enter the secret Bureau building by turning the doorknob to the left and make it all the way to the roof - but are trapped by Thompson's men.  They kiss - but then suddenly things are ok.  Harry shows up to tellsThompson that he has been sacked, and that the Chairman has had a change of heart afterall.  Great, it was all a waste of time.

Pity things didn't turn out quite so well for the poor guy ditched at the altar!

Matt Damon
Matt Damon
David Norris
Emily Blunt
Emily Blunt
Elise Sellas
Florence Kastriner
Florence Kast...
Suburban Mom
Michael Kelly
Michael Kelly
Charlie Traynor
Phyllis MacBryde
Phyllis MacBr...
Suburban Neighbor
Natalie Carter
Natalie Carte...
Suburban Neighbor
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart
Jon Stewart
Darrell Lenormand
Darrell Lenor...
Upstate Farmer
Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloom...
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
RJ Konner
RJ Konner
Political Consultant
Our Comments:

So seeing as though David was a big-shot politician, wouldn't it have been easy enough for Elise to try to get in touch - or for David to drop it into one of his interviews?  I know that would have ruined the movie, but would have made more sense.  And wouldn't you think to take the same bus again the next day?

And the reason the film gives is that ""New York is a big place"" -- so all the millions of citizens just walk around aimlessly never meeting their friends or people they know?  Could have been a better movie if they had Elise moving the next day on an urgent dance assignment to Mongolia or somewhere, rather than sticking around in the same city for the next 3 years.

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