Transformers: Dark of the Moon (2011)

In 1960 an alien spaceship crash landed on the moon. The space race started not for exploration, but to find this alient craft and learn what we can before the other side got there first. On board all Autobot transformers were killed in the crash except one - Sentinel Prime. The Einstein of the Transformers race, he holds the key to a weapon of extreme mass destruction that has been brought inadvertently to Earth. Can Optimus and his boys get to the wreck before the Decepticons?

Our Rating: 7/10 - Let down by the whole end sequence
Watchability: 8/10 - Amazing special effects as always
Contributed By: Jordan Taylor
Tagline: The fight for our freedom begins.

Release Date: 2011-06-29
IMDb icon 6.3/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 234
  • Budget: $195,000,000
  • Revenue: $352,390,543
  • Production: Paramount Pictures

So, how does the movie end??

So it seems that Sentinel Prime is a sneaky old robot. Back on Cybertron he organised a deal with Megatron to rendezvous on earth, where together they would bring Cybertron to a new world. Problem is that Megatron mustn't have discussed this with the other Decepticons as they took out the ship, causing it to crash on the moon.

Although Megatron has been secretly hoarding the 'pillar' rods, they still needed to lure Prime into a trap where he frees the Sentinel and revives him, knowing that its only the wise Sentinel who can bring about the space portal.

The Sentinel announces across the world that the Autobots must leave. When they do, they will steal some of earth's resources but then leave in peace.  The Government agrees.

Patrick Dempsey kidnaps Sam's girl, and locks a robot watch onto Sam's arm to find out the autobot plan of attack. Prime accepts his mistake in trusting the wrong robot, and tells Sam they will leave without a fight. They get into the spaceship and blast off -- but Starscream has been waiting and launches missiles at the craft so it explodes in a ball of flame.

The Decepticons turn nasty. A whole load of them are brought in from an unknown place (it's not clear where or really how) and they cause havoc on earth vaporising humans with 'Mars Attacks' style death rays.

Sam decides to free his girl, and enlists the help of the dude from 2 Fast 2 Furious (Epps). They march into Chicago, but are scared off by a few Terminator Salvation style robot-helicopter droids. Suddenly the Autobots arrive on the scene and take out the droids. They were hiding in one of the fuel tanks and crash landed in the ocean.

Sam is given a lift to Dempsey's apartment on Trump Tower. He rescues Carly, but is attacked by Soundwave's bird (who is finally defeated when his head is blown off) and they crash onto the street.

In one of the downed unmanned droids (from the good guys) they find a camera to relay intel back to the base about what is going on - and Carly tells Lennox and the others where to find the main red portal pillar. Tomahawks are sent in, and men are recruited to parachute into the drop zone.

Prime finally makes an appearance, but loses his jet pack carriage and needs to go and look for it.

The Seals are dropped in, led by Lennox, fly around in those Batman jump suits, and land on the ground next to Sam. They coordinate an attack, but it doesn't seem the greatest plan in the world and they just end up hiding.

With one missile, Sam's guys get to a glass building to take out the main red pillar rod. Shockwave finds them, and with his centipede tail chews the building in half, and then goes about destroying it while Sam and his boys try to survive.

Finally Prime shows up with his jetpack and sword and chops the centipede in half. Sam's team have forgotten all about missile they had by this time.

Sam is found by Starscream, but single-handedly defeats him using the professor's gadgets, taking out his eyes. He stabs him with a bomb, and frees himself in time before it explodes and this bad guy is finally defeated.

The German tech man (Steve the Pirate) hacks into the mainframe and lowers the bridge. It seems the parachutists landed on the wrong side of the water. Now everyone can get a little closer to the action.

The autobots haven't been seen for ages. It turns out that they've all been captured. The pillars are activated and Cybertron starts to appear above earth. The two tiny tobots hitch a ride in the drone shuttle and start to cause mayhem. The Decepticons start to kill hostages - starting with the professor. Bumblebee is next, and resigned to defeat. Suddenly vehicles drop down from the shuttle above. Bumblebee can now suddenly defeat the kidnapper and defeat all the others guarding them even though the situation hasn't really changed.  The shuttle goes down, in some water, but the little robots know they won't make it.

Prime shows up and takes out a pillar. The portal is stopped. Prime battles with Sentinel again, and is losing - again. Sentinel calls on the others to attack Prime. Finally the good guys have a plan ready - for snipers to take out the Decepticon's eyes. The Tomahawks finally show up too - taking out the enemy drone shuttles.

Sam confronts Patrick Dempsey near the main pillar. They fight. Finally Patrick is thrown against the pillar and is electrocuted. Bumblebee then destroys it.

Cybertron's portal is halted again - and this time for some reason it gets messy and implodes in on itself.

Megatron is taking a breather when Carly finds him and appeals to his evil side. She lets him know who really is in charge. Megatron lays into Sentinel and offers a truce to Prime. Instead Prime tears out Megatron's spine (!) and then, with Sentinel on the ground pleading for mercy, points a giant robot shotgun to his old leader and takes him out.

Everyone is happy. Except the odd million people who were vaporized. Or had apartments in Trump Tower.

In the credits, Simmons grabs the Secret Service lady for a kiss. He is promptly sent to prison, but tells them that it was worth it!!

Random Notes!
With pretty much all the Decepticons defeated (and the major players killed), and only about 5 autobots given any screen time, is there really going to be a Transformers 4??
Our Comments:

So, problems with the movie and things I've learnt from watching Transformers 3:

1) What happened to the pet chihuahua?

2) Sam really is a ladies man.

3) Take time to get the right FDR and Nixon actors spot-on for Hollywood - but any thin black actor from the street in a suit will immediately look like Mr Obama, right?!

4) People from the UK like to call themselves 'BritishNULL, and we all talk like the Queen when in Hollywood. (Cheryl Cole is clearly confused)

5) The German tech guy (Steve the Pirate from Dodgeball) can beat super-advanced technical beings to hack into their system and access traffic cams - and open the bridge in a few minutes. Why isn't he richer than Mark Zuckerburg?!!

6) Decepticons are terrible fighters. An autobot beats a decepticon in a fair fight every time.

7) But in big battle, Autobots will surrender and give up fairly easily without much of a fight.

8) It takes about 20 minutes for Optimus to fix his hair and tie on his rocket jet pack. And another 20 minutes for 3 autobots to cut him down from a few cables.

9) Glass buildings, even when cut in half, keep all their windows intact unless specifically shot at or munched by a giant robot centipede.

10) Who needs autobots when you have snipers?

11) The Navy Seal parachute team will not take out the metal time-travel devices, but instead their job is to get on the ground in the most dangerous way possible, on the wrong side of the bridge, at the same spot as the guys who just walked in.

12) Even when he knows he has been lied to, and will most likely die, a bad guy will remain a bad guy and not break out of character.

13) To save the world you just need a good looking chick to have a chat to Megatron.

14) Optimus Prime does not dish out mercy to any old robot.

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