Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps (2010)

Gordon Gekko is back!  After serving an unusually excessive amount of years behind bars to fit in with the sequel's timeline in 2008, Gekko is back in Wall Street and discovered success as a writer, chronicling his previous addiction to greed and warning the world that the Wall Street bankers in play now are worse than he ever was.  Meanwhile, a young trader by the name of Jake Moore (LeBeouf) is on a mission to find out who started the false rumors that brought down an investment company where he worked - which led to the suicide of his mentor - while also preparing a proposal to his girlfriend, who just happens to be Gekko's daughter...

Our Rating: 4/10 - Just because it's a Wall Street sequel
Watchability: 2/10 - too long and boring
Contributed By: Jordan Taylor
Tagline: Gordon never gives up

Release Date: 2010-09-24
IMDb icon 6.2/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Runtime: 213
  • Budget: $70,000,000
  • Revenue: $52,474,616
  • Production: Edward R Pressman Film

So, how does the movie end??

Jake fights for the Fusion fuel project, even though no one else believes in it and the lead scientist seems incapable of any fundraising and puts all the pressure onto this young guy.  Having joined Josh Brolin's team due to being noticed favorably for insider trading against that firm (and it's easy all you need is an instant message system that sends out 1000 messages, anonymously somehow, to all the big traders in less than a second), he sells his fusion idea to the Chinese -- but Brolin pushes a short-term solar project instead to keep his oil pipelines around for a little longer.

Angry about his boss making the final decision (and a decision to benefit the company and its shareholders - a terrible thing, how can he live with himself?), Jake quits/is fired and goes to Gekko for help.

Gekko tells Jake about a Swiss trust fund he opened for his daughter that will now have $100million in the account - as luck would have it, the exact same figure the fusion project needs to keep on going.  Gekko tells Jake to get Winnie to transfer it over to him, and then he'll take the risk to launder the money into the US.

You'll see this one coming a mile away too.  So, the money is transferred to Gekko - but the Fusion project is still penniless ... and Gekko disappears to London to start over again.

Gekko uses the $100million to turn it into $1.1billion and is a player again. Jake tracks him down and shows him a video of his unborn grandson and tells him to do the right thing.

The banks are in chaos as the DowJones slumps, and are bailed out by the Government.  Meanwhile after an anonymous tip by Jake, Josh Brolin's accounts are investigated and he is brought to justice for insider trading as he profited from the downfall of Jake's mentor's investment bank.

Jake tries to be nice to Winnie, but not very successfully. Gekko shows up, says he deposited a cheque for $100 million to the Fusion project, and wants to be a family again.  I guess it's one of those double irony endings, so Gekko still has $1billion, Jake has nothing, the Fusion guys are ready to waste another $100million, Jake's mother's business has collapsed and so she's back as a nurse and the old guy who looks like Yoda does a deal with Gekko to keep his firm afloat.

In the credits we see a birthday party for the little baby with Jake and Winnie back together, and all the family smiling and ready to live happily ever after - although probably watching Gordon closely if he hangs around the pile of birthday presents for too long.

Richard Stratton
Richard Strat...
Prison Cage Guard
Michael Douglas
Michael Dougl...
Gordon Gekko
Carey Mulligan
Carey Mulliga...
Winnie Gekko
Shia LaBeouf
Shia LaBeouf
Jake Moore
Maria Bartiromo
Maria Bartiro...
News Host
Austin Pendleton
Austin Pendle...
Dr. Masters
Thomas Belesis
Thomas Belesi...
Zabel Trader
Frank Langella
Frank Langell...
Louis Zabel
Christian Baha
Christian Bah...
Hedge Fund Chief
John Buffalo Mailer
John Buffalo...
Annika Pergament
Annika Pergam...
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